Russell Crowe in Damage Control for Seven

russell-croweRussell Crowe will be presenter and executive producer of a new factual series on Seven in 2010, Damage Control.

Produced by Beyond International and South Sydney Media it will show how far elite sports people will go to reach the peak of their sport and the key role medical personnel play in keeping them there.

With behind the scenes access to a range of sports including AFL, NRL, A‐League, basketball, netball and more, it promises to look at everything from major surgical procedures to on‐the‐spot treatment techniques.

Seven’s Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner says: “Australians love their sport and they particularly love their sport on TV.

“A compelling factor in the coverage of Australian sports, including rugby league and AFL, is the physical courage displayed in every moment of the game.

Damage Control reveals the absolute courage of the player in a way not seen before.”

Crowe is curently narrator of The Secret Millionaire series for Channel Nine.

Damage Control will premiere in 2010.


  1. We are a bunch of knockers. Lets look at some factual stuff that these elite athletes go through, and give credit to the producers, and editing staff who spend hours putting this stuff together for those who are happy to view something new and entertaining. Good luck

  2. In Australia they’re called factuals and in the US they’re called reality shows…
    Truth is they have little to do with fact or reality, they’re really about money. I don’t get the popularity but since they’re so cheap to produce they would make money with much fewer viewers than a well made drama so they don’t have to be that popular. Too bad.

    I don’t get the insult to Hugh Jackman being thrown in by a commenter. I doubt he’ll ever do one of these and his calendar is filled far beyond 2010.

  3. Well, at least this sounds more interesting than the umpteenth version of ‘cops book hapless drivers for minor traffic offences’, but it would be nice to see some other light-entertainment genres getting a bit of a go.

  4. oh my god a factual on sevens thats something new i am getting so sick of these reality/factual shows on seven they need to get something fo gods sake it seem 7 can throw any crap on there channel and people will bloody watch it.

  5. Coming to 7 in 2010…. a new Factual “fly on the wall” series filming the behind the scenes activity of a suburban hardware store, primarily focusing on the paint department. Different coloured paints will be applied to various surfaces, allowing an in-depth discussion between the staff of which paint actually dries quicker. Drawing on his previous experience with painting a cubby house for his adopted son, the series will be narrated by Hugh Jackman, who by 2010 will be in between acting jobs, and desperate for any work.
    Seven’s Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner says: ‘At Seven, we love treating the Australian viewing public like morons, so what better way to do it, than to actually convince them that watching paint dry is entertaining?”

  6. When is Seven going to show ‘The Secret Lives of Bus Drivers’, I’ve heard it will be a very compelling viewing, the factual show that will top all factual shows Seven’s shown so far!

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