Saturday Disney waking later

From Saturday October 31st Saturday Disney begins 30 minutes later, at 7am.

Saturday-Disney-From Saturday October 31st Saturday Disney begins 30 minutes later, at 7am -its new regular start time.

The show will still run for two hours, ending at 9am with Phineas and Ferb, Hanna Montana and Jonas.

Hosted by Shae Brewster, Sally Stanton and Jack Yabsley, it will then compete head to head with Weekend Today on Nine which has had higher total people figures recently.

The Seven show recently celebrated a staggering 1000 episodes over 19 years with an episode from Disneyland in the USA.

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  1. Actually they started at 6:30am in June or July. It was announced on the New Idea TV show [no longer airing]. So I think they made a mistake and wanted to fix it. Or Donald Duck had his say and they fixed it?

  2. For those who want a kids show to go, maybe they should think again.
    What are the kids going to watch when there is not much in the way of kids programs on ? Maybe The Go channel but they are showing the real “old ” Cartoons that used to be on. The kids don’t know those cartoons at all..
    Foxtel is not much use , they repeat there shows for the kids .. especially on the kids channels..
    There are far better things to do than worry about what they are going to do with Saturday’s Disney. That show has been on a long time..

  3. A good show Saturdays are the only day of the week we are spared of that Sunrise Crap.
    By the way whoever was the dumbo that decided to axe childrens television in the morning on Seven Weekdays deserves the boot.I remember watching that Morning Show with Luke Jacobs and I forget who the rest of them are before going to work.It was a great formula to start the day much better than sunrise

  4. Seven won’t axe or move Saturday Disney because their would be a huge backlash, anyone under 30 would have some memory of the shows past. If Seven wanted to have Sunrise on Saturdays they could air the program on 72 not 7, then in 2013 when the whole country has digital television, the shows can switch.

  5. um if seven does do a seven sunrise lite, i would hope it would include a fair bit of news, and if it does well they could extend it to 9am but only if they more saturday disdney to seven sd2, unless its a lifestyle, news or movie channel for example, or they could replay it later in the morning or in the afternoon, but i really hope they dont cancel it because when i was little i really did enjoy watching the show, that said its not very offen up up between 7 and 9 on the weekends

  6. The rumour out of Sydney is there will be a Sunrise Lite on Saturday mornings from 6am to 7am to make a dent into the saturday edition of Today Weekend.

    Sunrise Lite will be mainly news with some stories and lots of plugs for the Sunday edition. Probably a little like the Seven Early News that runs before Sunrise at 5:30am during the week

  7. This is what they used to do. They’ve only been starting at 6:30 for about a year. I never understood why they moved, I think it was because of Weekend Today. Now, they’re probably going back because they know that only freaks wake up before 7am on a Saturday morning.

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