SBS more than a flash in PAN TV

amelieSBS has increased its ownership of PAN TV, which operates the World Movies channel.

Currently holding 40% of shares, the broadcaster will increase its holding to 100%, buying out the other existing shareholders.

PAN TV currently operates out of SBS’ Sydney headquarters, with the public broadcaster enjoying a content sharing deal with the World Movies Channel.

“SBS’ investment in PAN TV has been a successful one in both a business and content context,” said Managing Director Shaun Brown.

“When the chance came to increase our shareholding and take-over the PAN TV operations, the SBS Board and management considered it an opportunity to distribute more multicultural and multilingual content across more platforms while having a positive impact on SBS’s overall bottom line.”

SBS says its involvement in subscription television will continue to be managed at arms length from its core activities.


  1. No chance of a FTA “world movies” channel or a sbs3 run the same as the pay channel world movies, due to the pay channel is able to show R Rated films.

  2. OMG! SBS making *another* commercial decision (sarcasm). Where’s TV Tonight’s very own Mike Retter to copy & paste what he said last week, & the week before, etc…

  3. Given World Movies shows R rated movies I don’t see it ever being a FTA channel.
    However I do expect the cost to get the channel on Foxtel will no doubt increase.

  4. It would be great to have it as SBS3. It would also no doubt fulfill their charter. I’m not sure that playing Southpark, Entourage and Top Gear really does.

  5. I can only see this as a positive. It will help SBS increase the multicultural movies it has access to, whilst improving the money available for its FTA services.

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