Seven snares pole position on Sunday

bthSeven proved unstoppable on Sunday night, thanks in part to a big lead-in from V8 Supercars at Bathurst.

The network took the top 5 positions for the night with Seven News (1.64m), The Force (1.49m), Border Security (1.44m), Sunday Night (1.19m) and V8 Supercars (1.18m).

Seven’s Wild Hogs movie (1.13m) also won its slot, just ahead of Jonathan Creek (1.03m) and Rescue: Special Ops (1.02m).

At least for Nine it’s drama was technically ahead of 60 Minutes (also 1.02m).

Australian Idol still can’t crack the 1m mark -at 978,000. Can Liza Minnelli bring it some pizzazz next Sunday night when she drops by as guest judge? Rove had to settle on 712,000.

Good news for SBS with a 100% retention for Who Do You Think You Are? Last week: 402,000. Last night: 402,000.

Wipeout took 241,000 on GO!

Week 42


  1. I was also surprised by the ratings for Wild Hogs. Seven must have scheduled this movie with motor enthusiasts in mind.
    Just a minor error with the photo: it’s the right team (Toll Holden Racing Team) that won this year’s Bathurst 1000, but it’s the wrong car number. The winning car driven by Will Davison and Garth Tander is No.2, while car No.22 in the photo, which belong to Paul Dumbrell and Craig Baird, finished 21st.

  2. And for all that Seven only beat Nine by about %2 so lucky they had the V8 as a lead in.

    And Rove is a hack & nothing would make me happier then to see him axed but he would have to be rating around 500k for 10 to pull the plug. I worry about the intelligence of people who find Rove funny.

    And Sunday TOnight is still just an extension of TT,cheap tabloid journalism at it’s worst so no shock to see it doing ok.

  3. Yeah sorry Rove, use to love your show but it looks tired and warn out. Even the audience sounded labored in their laughter last night…. Can it!

  4. I am shocked that Wild Hogs got such a high rating.
    With GO!, Nine will win the week. As much as I dislike Nine, they have done a good thing with GO!, I try to forget the association when I do watch it.

  5. As I watched Rove last night, i really understood why people are switching off. I used to love the show, but it is just the same thing every week, and hasn’t developed enough over the years. Far too many cringe worthy, lame moments last night.

  6. the egos at 7 will be flying that SN is continually battering 60minutes. hard to deny that creating SN is one of the best decisions that 7 has made in ages.

    surprised that wild hogs did so well. never struck me as a big movie. especially as transformers – a huge movie – only gets 700k.

  7. V8s – What happened with the National Anthem? someone didn’t turn on her mike? Most of the coverage was good but let down at key times plus OMG the number of ads at some points was over the top.

    BTW I still think with GO! Nine will win the week…

  8. While im sure the leadin from the V8s may have had a positive effect on 7’s lineup, last nights ratings werent all that surprising. The figures for all of sevens shows were similar to previous weeks. If anything, there were small increases on the other commercial networks. What happenned to ABC!

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