Style Network: November highlights

Expect lots of female-skewed programming on the Style Network with plenty of reality and lifestyle.

rubyE! Networks new channel The Style Network is one of several new Pay TV channels launching on November 15th.

The channel promises programming on makeovers, fashion and beauty, with expert tips for those wanting to look fabulous and celebrate life.

Expect lots of female-skewed programming on this channel with plenty of reality and lifestyle. The channel is part of the Drama & Lifestyle (formerly My Escape) package.

Here’s an overview of what’s in store.

Premieres Tuesday, 17th November @ 8:20pm
At 500 pounds, Ruby Gettinger is forced with the decision that she either change her current lifestyle or face certain death.

Tuesday, 17th November @ 8:20pm Ruby – #101 Meet Ruby
In Savannah, Georgia, Ruby Gettinger lives in a small two-bedroom house with her dogs, Foxey and Lucey, her nephew Jim and old friend Jeff. Ruby introduces herself and establishes the central premise of the show – she has suffered from life-threatening obesity and it has interfered with her many dreams. She calls food her addiction, “the Beast” – and wants to defeat it but something always stops her. After a meeting with her doctor who tells her she will die if she doesn’t lose weight, Ruby resolves that she is going to do whatever is necessary to free herself. We meet Ruby’s best girlfriend Georgia who epitomizes a colourful and rich southern lifestyle – but introduces the food and habits that are dangerous for Ruby. Los Angeles starlett Brittany Daniels is another friend of Ruby’s who arrives to support her change in lifestyle. To save her life, Ruby assembles a team of experts to help her lose the weight: a doctor, a dietician, trainers and a psychiatrist. After an emotional visit to her therapist, Ruby realises that her quest for health may also involve an emotional and psychological journey as well as a change in diet and exercise. She is determined to make her dream of health come true – whatever the sacrifice.

Tuesday, 24th November @ 8:20pm Ruby – #102 The Temptation of Ruby
Ruby has lost more than 60 pounds, but she’s frustrated with her strict, pre-packed Hourglass meal plan, and she’s feeling tempted to cheat on her diet. After cheating on her diet by ordering a fruit smoothie at a restaurant, Ruby meets with her family doctor, Dr. Corse, who discusses her craving with her and advises her to stick to her meal plan. Later, her obesity specialist, Dr. Bradley reminds Ruby that when she lets the doctors be in charge she loses weight, and that she should stick to the meal plan, and that her cravings are a mental things she must overcome. Afterward, Ruby and her friends go to the Vinne Van Go Go’s Pizza Parlor – and while Jeff and Georgia and the gang gorge themselves on pizza, Ruby eats her Hourglass meal instead. On the car ride home, Ruby confesses that Jeff and Georgia don’t have to diet like she does: if she cheats on her diet, she could die. Ruby meets with her nutritionist, Helen Hussey, who tells her that she will have to learn to cook healthy for herself. Helen takes Ruby shopping for the ingredients for a healthy meal and Georgia helps her prepare it at home. In the final scene, Ruby shares a healthy home-cooked meal with Jeff and Georgia, and Georgia considers getting serious about her own diet.

Sunday, 15th November @ 1:40pm
With Christina Aguilera’s extravagant wedding to Jordan Bratman as an inspiration, we throw a beautiful wedding for Jessika and Michael, one lucky and deserving couple. For this special, Style partners with The Knot, the most successful online source for all things weddings!

Tuesday, 17th November @ 6:40pm
A busy New York couple heads to the Cayman Islands, where wedding guru Carley Roney is challenged by blending the islands’ flavour with the couple’s own unique style.

Sunday, 15th November @ 8:20pm
A high calorie couple goes on a 12 week fat burning mission to lose 30 pounds of weight each before they walk down the aisle on their wedding day.

Sunday, 22nd November @ 10:00pm
A high calorie couple goes on a 12 week fat burning mission to lose weight before they walk down the aisle, with the help of Nutritionist, Cindy Whitmarsh and Trainer, Tarik Tyler.

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  1. I bet you they will have The Dish, as well as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dr 90210, Extreme Makeover and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane as well some other great shows planned exclusively for The Style Network. Hope it’s on channel 122.

  2. @ Dakota – I reckon they will because they’ve stopped showing it on E! for about 2 weeks now (it was on for about 4 eps)

    While we’re on that tack does any channel plan on showing Web Soup? (which is often promoted during The Soup!)

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