TEN to launch new channel

tencThe TEN Network will launch a new digital channel in 2010, reports the Courier Mail.

A third digital channel will launch sometime in the next 12 months, it reports.

Commercial networks are currently allowed two SD channels and one HD channel. Currently TEN has TEN, ONE HD and ONE SD which retransmits the feed from the 24 hour sports channel. But as GO! and 7TWO offer entertainment formats they potentially erode TEN’s market share. And as half the country is now on digital it makes the ONE SD channel less viable -except for viewers who have a standard digital rather than an high definition, of course.

It would also presume TEN is eyeing a makeover of its second SD channel rather than ONE HD itself. Many viewers are still lamenting the loss of key entertainment formats in high definition by TEN: MasterChef, So You Think You Can Dance, Rove, Neighbours, Australian Idol, Merlin and more. When TEN opted for high definition sports, it did so at the expense of its other brands.

TEN made the announcement of the new digital channel at its 2010 Program Launch last night in Brisbane.

It also announced a new Junior MasterChef to follow MasterChef next year. This idea has been floated by Programmer David Mott before.

He told TV Tonight in July, “We might do a professionals version or a teen version. We’ll always do one other shorter run but it might not be celebrities.”

TEN also confirmed The 7PM Project would run through summer and into the new year (hopefully with a few tweaks?).

TEN rolls its Program Launch into Melbourne tonight and Sydney tomorrow.

So what would you like to see on a new digital channel?

Source: Courier Mail


  1. It better air these shows a these times:

    Monday 7.30PM 90210 8.30PM Supernatural
    Tuesday 8.30PM Dollhouse 9.30PM Veronice Mars 10.30PM Threshold
    Wednesday 8.30PM The Cleveland Show
    Thursday 8.30PM Buffy 9.30PM Angel 10,30PM The X-Files
    Friday Movie Marathon 6.30pm – 1.25am
    Saturday Movies
    Sunday 9.30 Harper’s Island (From The Start)

  2. Would like to see Buffy and Angel on the new channel. Channel 10 have been doing an on again off again thing with these shows during the last year. So if channel 10 are reading this, think Buffy Angel!

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