The Goodies island

goodiesTwo of the legendary Goodies team are in Sydney at the moment appearing at World’s Funniest Island, a comedy event staged on Cockatoo Island as part of the month-long Crave Sydney festival.

It’s not quite the Lost Island of Munga, but for the Goodies a gig on Cockatoo Island is just fine.

Tim Brooke-Taylor, 69, said it was ”fascinating” to be performing in the surrounds of the former prison.

”I wish I could take the audio tour,” he joked.

Joining him is Graeme Garden, 66, while Bill Oddie appears only via clips. The Chaser‘s Andrew Hansen hosts the event.

Brooke-Taylor commented tactfully on Hey Hey It’s Saturday‘s Jackson Jive skit.

”I think it’s difficult to be dogmatic about these things,” he said.

TEN’s Angela Bishop also interviewed the two comedians, you can see here.

Alexei Sayle, Jane Bussmann, Merrick and Rosso, Arj Barker and others are also performing.

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  1. “I never even knew the term “blackface” until a couple of weeks ago”… Maybe lucky you haven’t been taunted about your skin colour perhaps?

    Hopefully most of us have some understanding about our fairly recent biased past at least (White Australia Policy anyone? Aboriginal vote? Greek/Italian/Vietnamese migrant waves?) but I doubt it as it’s uncomfortable to face the reality of history. Shame as it’s there to be learnt from.

  2. Christian Kent

    Hahah!! The Goodies *would* have to be tactical / tactful about commenting on blackface, since the Only time I ever encountered the phenomenon in my entire childhood was on the Goodies. (And Golliwogs, but they were more “blackbodies”, surely).

    I never even knew the term “blackface” until a couple of weeks ago, thanks to living in this isolated, parochial island that’s never had centuries of slavery or a civil war. Thanks to Hey Hey and comedians like Tim Minchin and Dan Ilic, I’ve now been educated on how to offend Americans if I choose to, or not.

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