Three Rivers, two episodes.

aol2Just a day after TEN sent out preview disks for its premiere of Three Rivers it has switched the episode it will launch the series with.

Now instead of starting with “Place of Life” (Ep1) it will air “Ryan’s First Day” (Ep2) tonight.

The medical drama, starring Alex O’Loughlin, re-shot and re-cast the first episode.

Meanwhile Ep2 is also said to be an improvement on Ep1, which could be behind TEN’s belated move.

Either way it may be a hollow move given the show premiered fourth in its timeslot in the US.

Ep1,  reviewed here, will now air next week, which will be very bizarre for one of the patients who came into the (new) pilot seeking a heart transplant…

Updated: Sounding more and more like a fumble in the US with suggestions Ep 2 introduced ‘Ryan Abbott’s’ character better than the re-shot Ep 1…..

A TEN Spokesperson said: TEN received permission to change the order in which the episodes appeared in the States as the story wasn’t sequential. It didn’t make sense.


  1. I totally loved Three Rivers. This show sends out a strong message while being very entertaining. Does TVbythenumbers ever like anything? They seem to can everything and get people’s attention that way – they are a waste of space. If you like a show, you watch it. If you don’t, move on already. I know I will be tuning in each week for Three Rivers. I wonder how many people are now thinking about organ donation after watching Three Rivers?

  2. I watched Ep2 last night and saw Ryan in it and went… “hang on… he was in Ep1 too and wasnt “just-arriving” new!!!” – so I do think that continuity was out the window in the first 2 eps.

    Seriously (I love using that pun) I hope Ten have a fall-back for when Three Rivers is axed by CBS as TVByTheNumbers is already calling that it’ll be axed before the November sweeps in the US.

    Ten made 100% the right move by swapping the episodes around… this will enable them to flow as well as they can considering the stuff-up with the re-shooting.

  3. i liked it, not the best show ever, but i found it easy viewing. will be back next week. afte watching the ep i understand why ten changed the order and aired the original piolt 1st. It wouldnt of made sense if they aired this second….shame CBS were blind and couldnt see that. it must of confused viewers in the US who were wondering why Ryan was part of the team in ep1 and then the new guy in ep 2

  4. To the people you arent watching because TEN chose to play Ep 2 first – Get over it, you should be ashamed of yourselves for acting in such an immature way. Yes its unfortunate but if you wanna watch, you’ll watch regardless. Tape tonights, watch next weeks and then watch the taped ep if it bothers you that much!

  5. Please everyone just watch it! Ten has done the right thing and place them in the correct order they were originally supposed to be in. I have seen both and it is a brilliant show. So please watch it you will love it and Alex is amazing as are the rest of the cast.
    So how about showing a little support for our own Alex O’loughlin who has become the spokesperson for Donatelife.
    Please give the show a ‘Fair Go’ and don’t bag it before you have even seen it!

  6. Fantastic choice by ten putting Ryans First Day as our first epidode this way it makes sense now instead of Ryan being there in ep 1 and arriving there in ep 2!
    I have seen both and must say that Ten got it right.
    This was always supposed to be the first episode. They only changed it in the states because it was up against a major sports event at the same time. So more would be watching the second ep over there.

  7. This sort of thing has happened before – Crusade (the Babylon 5 spin-off) and Firefly to name a few…and look what happened to those shows – axed during (if not before) their first and only short seasons. It would be nice if the networks allowed the producers free reign with their shows rather than chipping in with their supposed expertise, only to see their input being the cause of viewers switching off in confusion. Joss Whedon was also mucked about with Dollhouse having to re-write/film the pilot, and then the original pilot was interspersed in later episodes; and whilst now into Season 2, it’s also on shaky ground and in danger of cancellation.

  8. I for one am glad that Ten has decided to do this flip of eps. I have watched both eps and totally believe the one Australia will now see first is the stronger ep to lead this terrific medical drama with. Don’t let the bad reviews cloud your judgement. Ten have actually done a good thing.

  9. I think you’ll find David, that Three Rivers suffered from quite obvious continuity issues in the US between eps 1 & 2 and thus TEN’s decision seems to be quite a smart and logical one? ‘Ryan’ was introduced as a new character in ep 2 which was odd considering he was in ep 1???
    Hopefully it rates well and they have enough eps to take it through to the end of November! Then if it’s cancelled people will barely notice when it doesn’t come back next year…

  10. David apprentley ep 2 was actually the pilot and CBS changed the order and aired ep 2 as the Premier, so in fact ten are airing it in production order. Also alot of people in the US said the “premier ep” made more sense as a a its ment to be a main characters 1st day in real ep1, which was aired as ep 2 but he has already started in the episoe that was aired as the premier, which is the real ep 2. Hope that makes sense.

  11. You know the last time this happened, Eleventh Hour ch9 it didn’t help the show much. I want to watch the pilot first, I hate when they mess with the order of a show, no matter the reason!

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