V remake: first eight minutes

vNext week the remake of V has its premiere in the US.

The sci-fi miniseries will have four episodes in November, before it continues in March 2010, after the Winter Olympics. The series features Lost star Elisabeth Mitchell, and Scott Wolf is also in the cast.

Nine is already teasing us with ads for the series, though it is yet to indicate an airdate. With ratings ending November 28th it had better hurry up.

Meanwhile the first eight minutes have been uploaded to YouTube. With its mix of Independence Day and another disaster-style movie, it could be Nine’s answer to FlashForward.

You can check it out here.


  1. surely 9 would not be airing it this year? the promotion would have to have started weeks ago. ads that are on at the moment i’d say are teasers like what 7 did with FF. i think ABC is making a big mistake chopping up the season over a rather large hiatus. 9 don’t have to do the same thing. if 9 start at the beginning of ratings next year by episode 5 they can be fasttacking it within 24 hours if it works out well.

    i did the calculations the season return (with ep.5) in america is in week 5 of australian ratings. too much of a good coincidence to turn down if you ask me.

    and if 9 do FT it, then the promotion is quite disappointing the show has such potential for a big hype.

  2. @Travis – problem with holding it is lots of people will fast track it themselves as consider Nine has the winter games in the 2nd 2 weeks of Feb, maybe they’ll use GO! to re-run eps to keep interest up?

    David I hope it’s Nov 8, that will be less than a week after the US… I can wait 5 days.

  3. It premieres in the US Nov 3. If NIne put it on Wed 8.30 from Nov 4 – hours after the US – they’d get the 4 eps in within the last 4 Weds of ratings (and move RPA where are they now somewhere else). If they put it on Sunday Nov 8 – a time slot that is now open – they’d only get 3 rps in before ratings end.

  4. Nine would be stupid to fasttrack this in November. If they did, what would happen in February when the show goes on hiatus in the US? Nine would have to wait until March for new episodes. But if they premiere it in February, they can show the program without any hiatus and they have all summer to promote it.

  5. Can’t wait to watch when I get home. I’ve been hanging out for this since it was announced it was being re-made. Adored Jane Badler when I was a teenager. Hopefully the female baddie in this one will tittilate a new generation of pubescent boys!

  6. I like it and I think people will be more comfortable with the familiar story of an alien invasion than they are with flash forward where many don’t seem to know what to make of the premise. Also there is the security of GO! now that will allow me to give 9 a chance with a new show. But what was up with the porno-esque music when the credits rolled? hope that is not the music they will use in the actual show credits as a regular thing, very inappropriate to the mood of the show, it jolts you out of the intensity of the show and does not give you a chance to reflect on what you just saw the way credits are meant to.

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