1. I am not sure the Melb is the home of TV but i do agree that Sydney people are more depressed and negative due to having less disposable income. and mak you seem to be contradicting yourself regarding being out and about when you are a heavy TV watcher posting many threads regading TV and being in Sydney at the same time

  2. cleanskin – my family and I used to have one of those old Nielsen people meters back in the 90s.

    Best of my knowledge there were pre-programmed buttons for all family members and one for guests.

    Everytime we turned on the TV, we had to press the relevant button for which family member was watching.

    There were many times when we left the TV on while noone was watching – so Nielsen would report that 100,000 people were watching a particular show based on an empty living room at our house!

    I am sure technological advances have rectified this from occurring nowadays.

    Well I hope so! Can you imagine if the 1.2m “people” watching 2.5 men repeats are actually 200 people who have left their TV on while they are out walking the dog???

  3. The Hey Hey Reunion bombed on the night it is meant to sweep all before it. Hmmmm…

    I agree, mak. The reason less people watch TV in Sydney is because there is much more here to do than just vegetate in front of the box. Just like any other large city, Sydney is culturally and artistically vigorous (as are every other Aussie capital city for that matter) so there is a lot on offer here to do that is either free or reasonably priced. Also, due to the large number of beaches and bays in the metropolitan area, the beach culture is very strong here, so couple that with the lovely climate and daylight saving time, and the Sydney viewing numbers start dropping off at this time of year for the next three months.

  4. T Vision, you just confirmed my point. “Melbourne has always had the edge on Sydney in all departments incl. Sport, culture, entertainment and Television.” The key point you make is Always even before digital TV. That eliminates the cost factor and therefore brings us back to the fact that there is nothing else to do except watch TV and go to watch AFL. Cheers.

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