1. Mak, the reason why melbourne has higher viewing number than Sydney is due to the fact that Sydney has higher cost of living therefore the city is full of poor depressed and negative people that cannot afford new digital TV’s, thats why sydney is called the mortgage belt city. Melbourne has always had the edge on Sydney in all departments incl. Sport, culture, entertainment and Television. Sorry if it hurts you mak, but its true.

  2. Sydney does have the largest population but the reason why less people watch tv might be that there is much more to do than say Melbourne and Adelaide. People are more likely to be out and about because the city doesn’t close down just after dark. Sorry if it hurts but its true.

  3. just saying that if a really small tv audience that is Adelaide can manage to go digital quite easily, then what is supposed to be australias biggest city should maybe get its act together. not having a go at adelaide.

  4. tasmanian devil

    You know it’s a slow ratings day when Global Grover makes 37th place…
    Also would you be able to tell me David why there is a grey block at the bottom of Saturday’s ratings? Is it just my computer or is it the image?

  5. @Jerome – I watch a lot of sport and some reality TV – (the bad american ones mainly: Survivor, Amazing Race etc)

    @Harry – Sorry don’t watch either of them!

    @M – I got a call from them and was asked if I was interested. When I first took the call I thought great another telemarketer but when they said where they were from I got interested. I have a PVR and at the time they didn’t have the technology to record ratings for them. 1 year later I got a call to see if I was still intersted because they could now do PVRs. I was talking to the technician when the unit was getting installed and he told me they were looking for households with PVRs at the moment.

    @Andrew B – If you leave the room you are supposed to press a button to say you have left. It is easy to remember at the moment because the box is new but once I have had it for a while I might start forgetting.

    @bette streep – You maybe on to something there. I am I white anglo-saxon male aged between 21 to 65. Not married with children though.

  6. It’s always interesting to read the demographic breakdowns.

    I think TEN has done better than some of us first thought. They came second on Tuesday and third every other night – and won the key demos of 16-39 and 18-49!

    It’s strange that they still can’t seem to appeal to the over 50s – but from what I’ve read TEN don’t care too much for this demo whereas Nine and Seven do.

    Seven should win the year convincingly – and they should do even better next year when they get their second digital channel up and running.

    Fingers crossed their second channel will be more like GO! Would love to see Ugly Betty back on and better timeslots for great shows like The Amazing Race, Family guy and American Dad!

  7. @Peter “Adelaide for crying out loud!” What’s that supposed to mean?

    If the 849,000 actually love Love, Actually that much go and buy it on dvd, you get it without the ads. Can’t believe it still gets such good ratings. It is a great movie though. But why is Ten showing it, and Home Alone?? I would have thought they’d be a Xmas holidays pick for movie. We’ll prob see them at Xmas time again anyway.

  8. Wow, the Love Actually millionth repeat was the number 1 movie at 8.30!
    KAK had a huge boost for her anniversery ep
    Sydney needs to wake up to multichanneling. The lowest digital takeup of the 5 cap cities, and by far the lowest rating city for Godzila on GO! There were more then double the number of viewers in Adelaide even. Adelaide for crying out loud!

  9. Glee deserved much better ratings. Kirstin Chenowenth (April) was abosolutely hilarious and amazing. The sing off between her and rachel was brilliant at the start. I am officially now a gleek!
    Rush also deserves better ratings, great gritty aussie drama and next week ep looks interesting.
    Next week, fingers crossed glee and rush get over 1mil mark because they both have before.

  10. I have no problem watching 2.5 Men, but I mainly watch new ones only now (thank god for this site so I know when they are on) The problem I have is the endless re-runs, it’s the new Simpsons being on so many times a week and IMO it’s only a matter of time before the ratings start dropping and it falls out of favour.

    Why is Nine messing around with it, showing the season opening only to put it on hold for a few weeks. What other network has done that to a program that rates?

    I’m now tipping Seven to just win the week over Nine and for TEN to have a better than normal week.

  11. No problems David, all of the ‘rules’ (except for the Rebel one) were directed more at the comments and not the articles or the site in general. Hell, even I agree that reality shows like TAR and Survivor should be promoted and fasttracked, as shown in my other comments on this site (I think 90% of which are in Survivor articles). I think you do quite a good job staying neutral and providing coverage of a good cross-section of TV, whether you might like a certain show you post an article on or not. It’s just a shame that some of the comments on here show an ignorance to opinions (and proven facts, obviously a whole bunch of people enjoy ‘bogan shows’ like 2.5 men or Hey Hey in order for it to rate so well) of users and people who don’t comment or even visit sites like this.

  12. I love how people on here find it so crazy that a show like Two and a Half Men rates so well. It’s not must-see viewing for me and my family but I thoroughly enjoy the program whenever I catch it on 9.

    It’s like “the TV world according to the readers of TV Tonight” rules that:

    2 and a Half Men is the worst show on television.
    Rebel Wilson must recieve an article for every television show or award show she features on.
    Despite the ratings, Survivor needs to be fastracked and given a primetime slot.
    Despite the ratings, films must only be played once on television.
    Masterchef was awful to begin with, but as the show kept growing (and more people started to watch), we changed our minds.
    Anything “from the makers of Love My Way” should automatically recieve a Logie.
    The Hey Hey Reunion was the greatest piece of Television since the 2000 Olympics.

    All in good fun, guys. Calm Down.

    • Ben happy to respond to some of these… given that articles are my domain not readers. I write about my responses to television, be it positive, negative or otherwise. -it’s worth remembering this site is a personal blog. Yes I wrote about Bogan Pride, as I do about most Aussie productions (especially narrative pieces). You would be hard pressed to find many positive articles here for The Wedge or Monster House, which Rebel was also in. Reality contests like Survivor and Amazing Race benefit from quick turnarounds due to internet leaks and an audience that seeks them elsewhere as a result. 2.5 Men has its defenders but I’m not one of them (give me Frasier reruns anyday). All of the country warmed to MasterChef as it developed -no surprise there. It’s also fair to say a large number of the site’s readers don’t even comment, so those who are regulars will continue to reiterate their passion and observations, just as you have. I would like to think over the course of a TV year I give a good cross section of what’s on the box for better or worse…

  13. Bette, are you insinuating that perfectly normal people are all bogans? How do you explain the 3 million plus who watched Masterchef, were they all dole bludging, mullet headed meatheads driving rusty utes with two blue heelers in the back and another4 three on the front verandah, or were they highly sophisticated normal pillars of society like you and me who watch nothing but quality television?

  14. Odd how Ten pulled Three Rivers for getting a little under 500k when Supernatural got the same figure every week for a whole season and they left it there.

    Bette Streep, you’re on the money, although it’d be more accurate to say middle-to-lower class. And for the shows you listed, throw in unemployed, uneducated and over forty as well. There’s probably some trailer parks and mother’s basements in there too.

  15. Congrats cleanskin. It’d be interesting to know what shows you watch – but I am more interested in you and other occupants in your house. For eg.

    Are you single, married, defacto? Gay or straight? Have any kids? Lower , middle, upper class? White, Asian, Black, muslim, christian, buddhist etc??? Rent, mortgage, paid off?

    The reason I ask is that I believe Oztam deliberately select households that are white, christian, straight, married with children, middle to upper class.

    How else can anyone explain the ratings of crap bogan shows like Hey Hey It’s Saturday and 2 and half men???

  16. If we had a ratings box at our house we’d be too conscious of what we were watching! I think it would distort the result. For example – somtimes I leave on a show without watching while looking after kids so if we had a ratings box, these shows would count as being viewed I believe. I wonder how many other people this happens for especially early evening?

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