1. Ryan, I think Ten should never have put TBYG rpts on before Idol, keep them for over Summer! As for Merlin, Im happy Ten are holding the eps for now, Merlin and MC are unstoppable duo and worked extremely well for Ten.

  2. ten really need to aim for the 25-54 demo on fri and sat night and dont even bother with aiming for 16-39. stations should take note that abc is pretty big on sats and we all know older people watch abc mostly, ten need to bring shows that aim for older people and stop trying to grab young viewers that aren’t even home. i would prob move talkin bout your generation repeats to sat nights and bring back merlin to sundays 6.30! ten now have 6 new eps of merlin to use.

  3. @Dave. There’s a lot of negative sentiment directed towards The 7pm Report for one very simple reason – it’s crap that doesn’t appeal to a wide audience, as its constantly dismal ratings demonstrate.

  4. Hey Hey is like 3 weeks old and there was No Need for endless repeats.

    It was Ok but did not deserve repeats. I am sure they will do another repeat, ‘and now for the final time, all 6 gripping hours together, for the first time and last time”

    As i said, I actually liked the 1st show but 9 has managed to make me hate it with over saturation.

    There can be such a thing of too much hey hey and they have stepped over than line.

  5. Whats the go with GO showing the finals eps of Seinfield yesterday and still running series
    Why not wait until ready to change and play out final eps then

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