2009 Ratings: Seven wins the year

With digital channels, without digital channels? However you look at it, Seven finished the year in first place. But everyone has something positive to say....

seven logo 7The 2009 Ratings year is the most unholy mess of figures since OzTAM Ratings began in 2001.

The introduction of digital multichannels (ONE: April, SBS TWO June, GO! August, 7TWO November) has seen networks issuing results for the year based on different definitions. Only ABC2 was on air all year.

While Nine and TEN are keen to include their digital channels, Seven focusses on excluding them. As many readers would know, OzTAM has traditionally included digital channels.

Either way the results indicate a 2009 win by Seven in Total People. It is the network’s third annual win in a row.

TEN has won 16 – 39 demo outright, Seven won 18 – 49 outright.

But there is division on 25 – 54 with Nine claiming a win when GO! is included. Seven claims a win without multichanneling….

Nine’s loss in 18-49 (including digital channels) went down to the wire, won by Seven in the final week of ratings by 0.1%.

The number of weeks won, including digital channels, was:
Seven: 29
Nine: 10
TEN: 1

TEN has won Daytime once again.

All results are Weeks 7 – 48, 6pm – Midnight excluding 2 weeks for Easter:

Total People (including digital channels)
Seven / 7TWO: 28.1
Nine / GO!: 26.6
TEN / ONE: 22.4
ABC / ABC2: 17.0

Total People (Excluding digital channels)
Seven: 28.8
Nine: 26.8
TEN: 22.2
ABC1: 16.4
SBS ONE: 5.8


Including digital channels/ Excluding digital channels
TEN: 30.7 / 30.7
Nine: 27.5 / 27.4
Seven: 27.2 / 28.1
ABC: 9.3 / 8.4
SBS: 5.4 / 5.4

18 – 49
Including digital channels/ Excluding digital channels
Seven: 28.0 / 28.9
Nine: 27.9 / 28.0
TEN: 27.5 / 27.5
ABC: 10.9 / 9.9
SBS: 5.7 / 5.6

25 – 54
Including digital channels/ Excluding digital channels
Nine: 28.2 / 28.3
Seven: 28.1 / 29.1
TEN: 25.6 / 25.5
ABC: 12.3 / 11.4
SBS: 5.8 / 5.7

Grocery Buyers with children (including digital channels)
Seven: 29.3
Nine: 29.0
TEN: 26.8
ABC: 10.7
SBS: 4.2

Digital Channels
Networks have focussed on results after each channel was on air rather than Weeks 7 – 48 as a whole. As such, true representative figures are not yet available.


Seven’s Press Release states, in part: “For the third consecutive year Seven is #1 in primetime, and also #1 for the fourth consecutive year overall (across the 6:00am-midnight broadcast day), and #1 for the fifth consecutive year in nightly news and public affairs, and #1 for the sixth consecutive year in breakfast television. We have more total viewers, 18-49s and 25-54s in primetime than anyone else. And while we love our new channel, 7TWO, we don’t need to add in its expanding audience to make up a story on how well Seven is going (which is very nicely, and thank you for asking).”

David Gyngell, Nine CEO, said: “It’s been a strong year for Nine where we’ve put more bricks in the wall. We’ve now got the structure from which we’ll grow in 2010 with the best slate we’ve enjoyed for years. This year we’ve delivered the best and most watched drama, the best comedy, the extraordinary successful return of Hey Hey it’s Saturday, the most watched Rugby League Origin series in history, and the remarkable performance of our new multi-channel GO! which took the market by storm.”

David Mott, Chief Programming Officer at TEN, said: “TEN’s 2009 line-up has delivered in spades, providing some of the year’s most memorable TV moments and significantly expanding the Network’s audience profile. We have cemented our position as the clear leader in 16-39 and daytime and we end the year as the only Network with year-on-year gains in our total people share and audience.”

Last year:

By comparison, 2008 Ratings share was as follows:
(6pm-midnight, weeks 7–48 excl Easter and Olympic Games)
Seven 28.7
Nine 27.2
TEN 21.0
ABC 17.5
SBS 5.6

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  1. no wonder c7 want to exclude data from their digital multi channel, there is never anything on during the day or late at night. Atleast go’s block programming means i can see something at all hours.

    With one HD i can see something at all hours.

    With 7 it’s just the crap they dont want on the main channel. I don’t want to spend an entire night watching AFL football games replayed so much that the tape has worn through i want alternatives to crap.

  2. @ tasmanian devil… there Is actually more demographics than the three that we all talk about and although “Grocery Buyers with Children” might not get mentioned here on TV Tonight, it is a very important demo to advertisers as that is who buys the food or “stuff” they are pushing. Each show gets rated on several things such as male/female ratio as well as key demos.

    I know this as my cousin does publicity for one of the networks and I have seen the spreadsheet she looks at every day (very interesting stuff too). Each show is broken down in to more then just “key demos” numbers.

  3. the only reason 7 doesnt want to include their other channel is cause they started it too late and it wouldnt make much difference and look bad. network 7 you are the biggest losers of them all

  4. i believe that multichannels should be combined to determine who officially wins things. but individual shares still have some importance, so i think both should atleast be reported.

    the thing i do have a problem with is the language being used. IMO nine did not win 25-54, Nine/Go! did.

  5. Well done Seven (it’s good to see you on Foxtel!).

    For sake of everyone, let’s hope all networks do better next year – regular schedules, consistent programming, respect for audiences, TV shows and series.

    People turn to alternative methods of viewing when they cannot rely on networks to broadcast the shows they want to watch – hopefully legal alternatives such as streamed/DRM-free downloads will assist in the near future.

  6. @ Adelaide John,
    7TWO was around only a month so when averaged through the year it affects the total share. You’ll note that GO was also lower and ONE and ABC2 which were around much longer had positive impact.

  7. @ Andy D… there is a station that’s interested in you if you are over 54, it’s called Channel 7… That’s why they so clearly win Ttl ppl all the time; the OAPs romp it home for them

  8. My apologies, David, because you listed the total people including and excluding digital channels separately, I only read the “excluding digital channels” under the demographics section and didn’t realise you had listed both together.
    I doubt the networks will release an average of their extra channels for weeks 7-48, as a separate figure because they were only on air for a short time, the average will be very low…although Seven’s press release figures for the digital channels says that they are an average for weeks 7-48, although they are clearly only an average for the 4 weeks the channel was on air for 7Two.

  9. Janey I noted the demos with and without digital channels, what are you reading? And note the order in which they are listed.

    If and when I get the true digital channel breakout I will add it here, and probably run it separately. All 3 channels issued figures that were post-launch only, not a proper % of weeks 7 – 48. TEN’s release only measured ONE against sports channels not GO! etc. 7TWO figures were just averages of its month on air. GO! was post August results. Pffft to all of that.

  10. Why are thee demographics like they are? Was is the basis for these ranges in demographics?


    And if you you are over 54 stations are not interested in you?

    Why not – 16-25, 26-39, 40-54? for example?

    Interesting TEN is not far off the pace in the last two demographics but in over all are still a fair way back.

  11. I don’t know why Seven are so inclined to exclude multi-channel offerings; they’ve had the opportunity to have it since January.

    And I don’t see why they just didn’t include it; the differences were next to nothing.

    I dislike that last line in the statment you released David “And while we love our new channel, 7TWO, we don’t need to add in its expanding audience to make up a story on how well Seven is going (which is very nicely, and thank you for asking).” Says more about their arrogance than anything else; and they should be promoting its audience share; to increase awareness.

  12. “And while we love our new channel, 7TWO, we don’t need to add in its expanding audience to make up a story on how well Seven is going (which is very nicely, and thank you for asking).”

    lol, i loved that part. 7TWO sucks, but Seven is the best. So congrats to them! Lets hope next year is just as good.

  13. As much as Channel 7 annoy me with their 8 minute late starting times, constant stream of boring factuals, out of context commercials for their programming, and low bit rate 7TWO, I’m glad they won the year and beat Nine.
    If it were not for Two and a Half Men and 20:1, Nine would have been much lower. Nine have the least respect for their viewers (including GO!). Nine need to start fresh in 2010, new on screen graphich (they are hideous to say the least), new programming, new line-ups, only new 2.5 Men (i.e. once a week).
    Ten, doing reall well, hopefully their new channel will be similar the TheCW, which will be a success here with all their current content mainly from CW, and Fox.

  14. There is absolutely no way the extra channels cannot be included in the final figures for the 2009 ratings year. The daily share percentages provided by Oztam are a total figure for all channels for each network. Extra channels have existed long before they were given names like One, Go and 7Two…and any breakaway programming done on any channel by a network has been added as a separate figure to that network’s daily share.
    So how could it be fair to not include Go’s figures, but the breakaway programming done by Seven on 7HD would be included? Just because Go’s nightly share was available separately and could be taken out? What about when Go first started and was not separated by OzTam, but all figures were included as part of Nine’s figures. It is impossible to take them out.
    Seven’s arrogance in their press release accusing Nine and Ten of spinning by including multi-channels and changing primetime is typical, but also hypocritical, as they network doing the most spinning. They also quote figures later in their press release from 6pm-10.30pm when comparing to last year…and even worse they include Easter, which is non-ratings and definitely shouldn’t be included.
    Seven just could not stand the fact that Nine beat them for the year in 25-54 (all networks 6pm-midnight including multi-channels). It’s their own fault for taking so long to start up their extra channel.
    David…you should include in this article all the demographics including multi-channels because they are the only figures that should be looked at. Ten’s press release has all the combinations of figures available.

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