1. Would be nice if they could replay last season before airing this one. Because they moved the timeslot i didn’t get to watch past episode 3. Great that it will be in prime time on 7TWO next year though.

  2. I’ll watch the show the way I always do (although Seven screening it at 8.30 pm on its 2nd channel would be admirable), but Keifer is only signed for 8 seasons and would want much higher payment (that may not be viable) for doing a couple more seasons, plus the show has gone as far as it can story wise and would be better off trying its luck in movies.

  3. Yay! 🙂 can’t wait. With the way 7 has treated 24 in the past, I have no reason to believe they’ll do any better this year. Although, its going to 7Two, so maybe that’s a good move and we’ll get it non-stop ala Fringe on Go

  4. I’m surprised that everyone is talking about this show being canned after Season 8 in the US – unlike here in Australia, the show has increased ratings every single year, except for I think season 5 – but its important to note that the slight dip at that time was pretty broad across all TV shows.

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