Airdate: Come Dine with Me

red_crussetMasterChef Australia has a lot to answer for.

Seven will screen the UK food series Come Dine with Me, in which amateur chefs host dinner parties.

It will premiere at 5pm Monday November 30th -yep, no more MASH for now.

The chefs attempt to wow each other and showcase their culinary skills in order to claim the title and cash prize. First up this week, ex-landlady Zoe, has strong opinions on good grub. But will her dinner leave her guests blown away?

An Aussie version is being produced for the Lifestyle FOOD Channel.


  1. 2nites come dinne wiv me was really good except for that allfull women who was playing tactfully im so glad she didnt win she was allfull wot a rude lady!!

  2. Great news Ch 7. I love this show where the contestants are characters and ‘would be’s’ rather than cooks. Voice over comments from Dave Lamb are a hoot.

  3. I love this show, it is as others said so addictive.
    Why do we have to have My Kitchen rules this would be heaps better to have an Aussie version on FTA, Grrr to not having Paytv

  4. @ Chris.

    Sure it’s based on someome cooking each night, but a lot of the fun comes from the clash of personalities, backstabbing, people snooping around the hosts house (oh you should have seen the episode where they find a vibrator next to the bed) and in the case of the UK version, the smart a**e comments from Dave Lamb who narrates the show. He is a crack up and is the best part of the show for me.

  5. i highly doubt this will be a permanent replacement for MASH. just the summer replacement like ‘Home Improvement’ was last year. MASH rates way to well for it to be replaced.

    i think i have seen some of this on foxel. i enjoyed it, more of a comedy than a lifestyle show. am i right, or thinking of something else.

  6. Love this show. The fist series (which is being repeating on LifeStyle Food) is not as good, as it is more serious. From the next series, it is hilarious, as the commentator take the p!ss out of the contestants.
    LifeStyle Food are currenty airing new episodes Weeknights at 7.30 with repeats of original series at 8pm.
    Seven should begin playing them from Series two if they want to keep the show going. Either way I wont watch as I have seen them all already.

  7. yeah but this show pre-dates Masterchef by a mile.. but i am so taping this show! I watched it in the UK last January and got hooked on it. There was also a “Celebrity Come Dine With Me” which I doubt Seven will bother with as the “celebrities” would be mostly unknowns to us Aussies. But still I’m very looking forward to the show coming onto FTA here.

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