Airdate: Hamish & Andy Regifted

hamanNext week, as part of its final assault on ratings, TEN airs Rove Presents Hamish & Andy Regifted, Another Very Early Christmas Special.

It will air next Monday at 7:30pm on TEN.

It might still be November, but Hamish & Andy are keen to get into the Christmas Spirit and regift their favourite bits from 2009. This year it’s the turn of Moosey & Pop, Hamish’s grandparents, to host the night. Will Moosey cook her famous shortbread?

The boys had a similar Regifted special on TEN last year.

Their most recent special for TEN was a big crowd pleaser. This time they will have to take on Charlie Sheen, airing on Nine.

It will be followed by a 2 hr Good News Week finale that gives out their annual awards for the year’s newsmakers.


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