Airdate: Hulkamania

hulkIt’s been a long time since any wrestling like this has been on Free to Air, but ONE will screen Hulkamania 2009, the live roadshow tour featuring Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

The tour has included wrestling giants including Nasty Boys, Black Pearl “The Count of California”, Solofa Fatu Jnr, Edward Fatu, Vampire Warrior, Ken Anderson, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake”, Sean Morley, Orlando Jordan, Nick Dinsmore, Stephanie Pietz, Lacey Von Erich and more.

ONE has the 3 hr event from Sydney’s Acer Arena which took place on the weekend, to screen at 8pm Sunday December 13th.


  1. I heard that Hulk Hogan took it off for it to air because he had some dispute with the australian promoter who brought hulkamania out and organised the whole thing…possible something to do with him (hulk) not getting his money or not sure

    If its not on Tv i hope it goes on DVD!

    • A TEN Spokesperson advises:

      “Unfortunately due to circumstances surrounding the Australian promoter of the event which were out of our control we have been advised that we can’t show the program at this time. We were only advised of this on Friday so it caused us to take last minute action to remove the program from our schedule and send out an amendment at short notice. We appreciate that many viewers were upset by the late change but we were left with no option but to remove the program from the schedule.”

      TV Tonight understands the prospect of a reschedule at this stage is looking rather slim…

  2. Thanks for looking into this David. I assume its to do with the death of Fatu and a possible edit needing to be made for the whole show to remove references to him

  3. It is on tonight. I checked the TV guide for ONE HD and Channel TEN but it is not on there. It is replaced by TNA Xplosion. Me being a huge TNA fan but I want to see the Hulkamania tour on TV!

  4. Hi Matt just read your comment…I just looked at the tv guide and it is still on for 13th of December at 8pm on Channel One or One HD. Are you sure you were looking at the right channel?

  5. What has happened to the TV coverage on ONE this Sunday night??

    It has gone from the TV Guide and replaced with other stuff including TNA.

    Was really looking forward to this as unable to get to live show at Bris but now appairs to not be on??


  6. Edward Fatu died 4th December
    Former WWE superstar Edward “Umaga” Fatu, 36,

    I saw him wrestle last Saturday nightr 28th November 2009 it was a great match and he looked in great shape

    He Died after suffering a second heart attack while in hospital. He was hospitalised in Houston after recently returning from touring Australia with the Hulkamania tour. I send my condolences to the entire family. wrote:
    WWE would like to express its deepest condolences to Mr. Fatu’s family, friends and fans on his tragic passing. Mr. Fatu was under contract with WWE at various time periods and most recently performed under the name “Umaga.” Mr. Fatu’s contract was terminated on June 11, 2009″.

  7. I was not expecting too much but the show turned out awesome I will tape it when its on tv. I was on the ramp at the sydney show try and guess which one I am lol.

  8. Wow this is going to be amazing. The Hulkamania tour was just insane in Perth and the talent was the best. It was better than the last WWE show cause of the entertainment value (plus Hulk and Flair) but if you discount that it was still better than the last RAW tour. Even if you count the fact that Hulkamania had little build up because they don’t have their weekly televised show haha but just trying to get a point across as to how good this show was. I am not bagging WWE RAW at all they are both great shows that never fail to deliver but just saying how good Hulkamania was lol.

  9. Fan bloody tastic!

    I was expecting this to hit Main Event for a fee, so this is a great bit of news.

    Thanks for the heads up David and the recorder is already progammed for it.

  10. Why wouldn’t they show the Melbourne event?

    Melbourne was Ric Flair’s first match coming out of retirement, which is the only reason this tour got international coverage.

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