Airdate: I Killed John Lennon

john-lennonThe Crime & Investigation Network has the Australian premiere of a provocatively-titled 2005 documentary about the assassination of John Lennon.

I Killed John Lennon, a Channel 4 doco, reveals a series of taped interviews that Mark David Chapman conducted with journalist Jack Jones in prison, while dramatically reconstructing key events from the day of the killing.

Using these audio tapes as the central element, the programme will recreate one of the most notorious assassinations of the twentieth century. Beginning with the assassination the programme presents Chapman’s own view of his life, and the events that drove him to commit such a dramatic murder.

Running alongside Chapman’s story will be the parallel biography of John Lennon –represented using archive material and supporting interviews.

But the film has been criticised by the singer’s cousin, Stanley Parkes, who said it glorified a murderer. Channel 4 has denied the claims, adding that the neither the killer or his family had received payment.

It airs Tuesday, December 8, at 5.30pm on the Crime & Investigation Network.


  1. Chapman was a patsy conditioned by the CIA to kill Lennon. Think that’s nuts? Read _Who Killed John Lennon_ by Fenton Bresler, and “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: CIA and the Cult of Mind Control” by John Marks, and see _RFK Must Die_ — Netflix has it.

  2. The Beatles are my favorite band and John was a gift from the universe. No way am I going to watch anything to do with this evil man and I imagine all other Beatles fans would feel the same.

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