Airdate: John Safran: The Lost Pilot

safranmartinRay Martin can probably relax.

Vintage footage of him in John Safran: The Lost Pilot may be airing next month on ABC1 but it’s not exactly a prime timeslot.

The show will air at 10:10pm Friday December 11th.

The episode, in which a young Safran explores methods by which individuals can become media players, has been sitting in the ABC vaults for more than a decade.

Its most controversial moment was when Safran rifled through the garbage of Ray Martin, then-host of A Current Affair, which resulted in a scuffle with Martin outside his home. Safran was accompanied by Shane Paxton, one of three teenagers targetted by ACA as unemployed bums.

In his recent autobiography Martin notes, “Shortly after I received an abject apology from Brian Johns, the corporation’s managing director.

“He also promised that because the ABC was paying for the pilot of the comedy show, the video would ‘never see the light of day’.

That was then. This is now.

Of course, some people might end up more embarrassed over their choice of shirts than anything physical that went down…


  1. Did Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos with Doug Mulray rate through the roof for Nine when they finally aired the full episode recently? I’ll be watching!

  2. You know people have long thought that Ray wanted this footage banned because of his behaviour and how he might be perceived. That’s not the real reason. The real reason is he did not want anyone to see him in that shirt !!!! My God what was he thinking when he put it on!!!!

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