Airdate: Party Down

party_downUS comedy series Party Down, co-created by Rob Thomas and Paul Rudd (amongst others), will air on Movie Extra from December.

Featuring Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch and even Jennifer Coolidge, it centres on a group of wannabe actors, struggling to find their break in the brutal world of entertainment. They travel to Los Angeles to find fame and fortune in Hollywood but while waiting for the world to acknowledge their talent, they are forced to support themselves earning a meagre living as caterers.

In the first episode failed actor Henry Pollard returns to work at Party Down catering. While catering a community pool party, he meets the team of aspiring stars, led by his old party animal co-worker Ron, now a clean living team leader with dreams of owning a soup franchise.

Lynch has since left the series for Glee but Megan Mullally has joined the series from Season 2.

Season 1 premieres Tuesday, 1st December at 9:30pm.


  1. The show does take a while to find its feet, I kept watching because I saw the potential and it was quite enjoyable and by the end of the season, while it wasn’t great, I was glad i stuck with it as it was entertaining enough.

    I do lookforward to the second season though. Which is ultimately the test for many shows. Do I want to see more, yes I do.

  2. I’ve seen season 1 and the show took a long while to find its feet by the end of season 1 I’m still not sure its found them; I may continue watching when Season 2 starts.

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