Airdate: Surviving Mumbai

smOn the anniversary of last year’s Mumbai terrorist attacks, ABC1 will broadcast Surviving Mumbai.

The documentary features interviews with survivors, including several Australians, who speak of their experience of the attacks and how they found ways to survive.

Surviving Mumbai also features CCTV footage of the terrorists, and transcripts of intercepted phone calls between the terrorists and their controllers based in Pakistan.

Access to mobile phones, 24 hour TV news and the internet could mean the difference between life and death. Of course, the attackers also had access to this technology and it similarly aided them in their goal.

Movingly, the film ends with a message of mercy from many of the survivors – a recognition of the youth, poverty, and naivety of the attackers, who had been “brainwashed” by their controllers.

It airs  Thursday 26 November at 8.35pm on ABC1.

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