Airdate: The Very Best Of The Paul Hogan Show Pt 2

hogesDon Lane was huge, Hey Hey was bigger, so Nine will be hoping the second edition of The Very Best Of The Paul Hogan Show will continue a push for nostalgia back on the box.

Nine aired the first in late September, which managed 989,000 viewers. This time it will air against what is surely the second last Packed to the Rafters and NCIS for the year (both to be confirmed) at 8:30pm Tuesday November 17th. Nine will already know it can’t win, but the key is to hold firm against the flood in this tough slot.

Once again, it is hosted by the man himself with new intros filmed by Hoges.

While we’re at it, has anybody at Nine thought of getting Bert to host a New Faces special? It’s the show that discovered Hogan, Daryl Somers, Col Elliott, Peter Andre and more….chuck it together with some classic bloopers and BAM -you got yourself another hour of nostalgia (ps. I want 10% of revenue please).


  1. I would love the Price is Right to return to a 7pm timeslot with New Hosts and Everything.
    Nothing would make me and a lot of other Australians Happier than to see something like that come back and for those 2.5 men to get no viewers for a week for Nine to finally admit that the money spent on a game show following A Current Affair is worth the dollars.

  2. Speaking of game shows, heres another great revival idea for Nine – and this one they still have the host on their books … the 1992 wonder “Keynotes”, hosted by everyones favourite “head entertainment reporter” (or whatever his stupid title is), Mr Richard “Jeff Goldblum has died” Wilkins!

    @ David – “ps. I want 10% of revenue please.”
    Don’t say that – knowing Nine, you’d owe them money by the end of it.

    I find it incredibly funny that during lunch today at work (a school), the staff were talking about TV shows, which turned into a conversation about how bad Channel 9 is … and they don’t browse this site 😉

  3. Bert should have been long retired by Now But there is nothing wrong with wanting a 21st Century Version of New Faces.

    While they are at it Bring Back The Price is Right Complete with New Hosts and Temptation Please Nothing Would make me and a lot of other people happier than to see the Charlie Sheen Marathons go to the scrapheap only to appear over the summer in non ratings season

  4. David, please stop giving Nine ideas like this.. soon they will do a Blankety Blanks special, followed by Wheel of Fortune, and Burgo’s Catchphrase specials.

    Speaking of New Faces, why doesn’t Nine simply bring it back with some SMS voting and of course Bert hosting !!! Cheap family friendly show for the 6:30 timeslot on a Sunday night – Now I will want 10% for that one !!!

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