Asian TV Awards: Aussie nominees

chopblockSeveral Aussie productions have been nominated in the 14th Asian TV Awards.

To be held in Singapore in December, the awards draws about 1,400 entries each year from a wide range of broadcasters, including Free to Air and PayTV platforms in Asia.

Australian finalists include City Homicide, All Saints, Scorched, and rather curiously, The Chopping Block for Best Adaptation of An Existing Format. Very peculiar given it was devised by Julian Cress and David Barbour.

Entries appear to be listed under distributors.

Best Natural History Or Wildlife Programme Or Docu-Drama
Death of the Megabeasts – Prospero Productions (Australia)

Best Single News Story/Report
Gusmao Conflict – Australia Network (Australia)

Best Drama Series
City Homicide Season 2 (Episode 2) – Southern Star International (Australia)
All Saints (Episode 464) – Seven Network Operations Limited (Australia)

Best Single Drama or Television Programme
Scorched – ITV Global Entertainment (Australia)
3 Acts of Murder – Taylor Media Pty Ltd (Australia)

Best Animation
Classic Tales – Southern Star International (Australia)
The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill Season 4 – Southern Star International (Australia)

Best Adaptation of An Existing Format
The Chopping Block (Series 2) – ITV Global Entertainment (Australia)

Best Direction
All Saints (Episode 465) – Seven Network Operations Limited (Australia)

Source: PEP


  1. The Chopping block Australia was a first , and “origina” series by David and Julian, produced by Granada Productions.

    There was a series made in the US of the same name made after the initial Australian series but it was a different show.

  2. RE : About The Chopping Block

    I think The Chopping Block was nominated in the Best Adaptation of an Existing Format because the Show had Franchises in the United States and other countries abroad,Though we all know that TCH Australia is the Original Format.

  3. i agree with Jed, it is rediculous that the Australian peers at the logies and AFI’s don’t like CH. and still award shows like underbelly 2.

    these Asian awards have a much better eye.

    but what is going on with that chopping block nom i was sure it was an original?

  4. How come City Homicide can get nominated for an international award, but can’t get nominated locally? It’s a great show, and Noni Hazlehurst was brilliant in those episodes where her son was killed.

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