Austar offers MyStar HD

mystarhdAustar subscribers can now order the MyStar HD box.

Compared to the MyStar box it offers high definition playback and increases storage from 60 hours to 90 hours in SD (30 hrs in HD).

The monthly fee is $14.95 extra on top of current Austar packages. The HD channels are another $5.

13 new channels arrive to subscribers, comprising including 4 HD sports channels, 6 HD movie channels and 3 HD entertainment channels, from November 15th.


  1. I have just got the mystar HD and find that I cannot record a favourite programme to dvd, don’t we PAY for this< I don't want to copy the movies just the old programmes. I have had pay tv since 1996 and watched it grow and the pri ce grow along with it. I just now wonder if we made a big mistake having the HD box. we are in a black spot and have to have sattelite free to air but still only get 7 & 9 so we do not get much options. we can't even record free to air tv and that is supposed to be free to everyone(arn't we).

  2. i don’t know why people are always whinging about not enough space. To start with, i watch way too much TV with all the extra channels anyway, and never got over 75%, and that was mainly due to recording a whole AFL match. FTA channel recordings take up way more space than Pay channel movies. Why i don’t know, but they do.
    Also, after using the RGB or SVideo cable to your standard TV/receiver, you can also run the old school AV cable to a second TV, and pick up mystar on the Analogue tuner, and then record what you like on standard VCR even if you like. I am sure there are PVR’s that can accept analogue signals, but a TV tuner card in a PC can, you probably have to find an old one that still has it, many only have digital. My Soniq TV in the bedroom picke up whatever the box is on, changin channels is a pain, but if watching that much TV is important , then there are options. You just have to fork out the dosh and play around with them.

  3. I disagree. According to the websites, for a base IQ package of starter pack, sports option plus three general entertainment options, Foxtel is $88 a month (including all the new channels they’re bringing in on Nov 15), while Austar is $97 a month (once price rise comes in for new channels according to the pamphlet they sent out – this comes into effect Feb for existing customers). It is more expensive – edging close to the $15 cost a month for MyStar. Plus Austar website does also quote $25 installation.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Foxtel off it’s based model IQ for free? That’s what its advertising promos say … it’s also free if you sign up for one of their IQ channel packages. Why, then, does Austar continue to charge for its base MyStar service?? $15 at that. As an Austar customer, makes me feel like I’m being somewhat ripped off.

    • But Simon, nothing is for free in this world. No doubt the price is factored into IQ packages. Foxtel also offers a base package plus IQ as an add-on for those who prefer that, so there’s no real difference in principle. Long term Foxtel customers will also tell you they are being slugged for an installation fee whilst new customers supposedly get that ‘free.’

  5. I have had several mystars. They have had the odd problem, the early ones seemed to overheat. The mystar I have has a few glitches. I am looking forward to getting the new Mystar HD, for the HD Channels and for the HD free to air tuners it has.

  6. I was considering MyStar, either SD or HD but heard about the issues it has had. Then there is the very limited storage of 30 hours in HD, a few movies and shows and it’s full with no way to transfer those recording to DVD. Because they don’t like you doing that even for personal use. I mean some PVRs are offering over 500 hours of storage. Until the limit is raised or you can add an external HDD like some other PVRs I’ll stick with my trusty SD digital box (hooked up to my LG dvd/hdd recorder) and save the $15 per month. Even if it means a lower quality picture but at least I can put my favorite movies on DVD for cent to watch over and over without using valuable HDD space.

  7. Todd – not on satellite they aren’t… this is word-by-word from my Foxtel source a few months ago – “FTA multichannels (i.e. ONE, Go etc) will Not be available on Satellite”

    Adelaide and Perth get diddly-squat and less than….

  8. @ross
    The iQ has proven itself to be the best pay TV PVR on the market. As I said below, the biggest advantage of the MyStar is the terrestrial tuner which enables subscribers to watch their local Freeview channels within the same box – a problem that Foxtel has never been able fully overcome, mainly because it involves the network forking out cash to be part of Foxtel’s service. If Austar can successfully launch and manage the new MyStar HD properly – problem-free – then it would be better than the iQ2 by far.

  9. Ross – iQ1/2 does not have a terrestrial tuner, thus you cannot pick up your local Freeview signals on it. The MyStar does and the MyStarHD does as well, meaning all local Freeview channels can be viewed, paused, rewound, etc etc. Including Freeview HD channels.

  10. Curious what you guys below are talking about? What makes MyStar better? IQ has been very good for me, and the new firmware will make it a lot better. What does the mystar do better?

  11. @Kuttsywood
    If Austar can prevent this new HD box from being problematic like the SD one, then yes, they’d certainly have a far superior box. A terrestrial tuner is what sets the MyStar apart from the iQ/iQ2.

  12. surely the IQ cant be that primitive, I have a mystar and its best use is as a doorstop, and I dont know how much better the HD version will be, so my original question stands, surely the IQ cant be that primitive?

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