Australian Story special: Somalia hostage family speaks

ABC has announced a late change tonight: an Australian Story interview with the family of released hostage Nigel Brennan in Somalia.

nbThe family of Nigel Brennan, the Australian hostage released after being kidnapped in Somalia, will speak to Australian Story in a speacial episode to air tonight on the ABC.

How far would you go to save your son or brother?

In August 2008, Bundaberg photojournalist Nigel Brennan was kidnapped in Somalia, along with Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout. The governments of both countries requested a media blackout as they began negotiations with the kidnappers, who were demanding a multi-million dollar ransom.

But in May 2009, the Brennan family decided to talk exclusively to Australian Story when their frustrations and concerns for Nigel spilled over.

“When we first heard that he was kidnapped in Somalia, I thought ‘You silly, silly, silly, silly boy’. I was so angry with him that that had happened,” reflects sister, Kellie Brennan on Australian Story. “There’s anger, there’s frustration, there’s desperation. All of those things. We’ve all gone through every single stage like more than once. It is all consuming, it consumes your life.”

Over the past seven months, the family has been forced to become players in the shadowy world of international kidnap and ransom. With Nigel’s life at stake, the Brennans navigate uncharted territory, doing anything and everything to bring Nigel home. Tonight viewers will witness an ordinary family thrust into this unfathomable world and their response to his release on November 26.

This airs tonight Friday, November 27 8:00pm on ABC1 in place of Collectors.

Updated: Tonight on ABC 1, The 7.30 Report will present a special program examining an extraordinary week in federal politics. For the latest news and analysis of today’s events in Canberra, Kerry O’Brien will ask what’s next for the Liberal Party, and look at the emission trading scheme that’s led to the party’s implosion.

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