Best (TV doco) job in the world

ben-southallAs if it hasn’t had enough publicity already, now Queensland Tourism is getting a six-part documentary to follow Ben Southall, who won the so-called ‘best job in the world.’

Beyond Productions will create the show in conjunction with Queensland Tourism for the the Nat Geo Adventure Channel.

Southall, from England, won the six-month contract to look after Hamilton Island.

Since then he has appeared on numerous television shows, including Oprah, with publicity the government couldn’t buy.

When all of this has ended, you can’t help but wonder who will get the story when he tells everyone why it wasn’t the best job in the world?

Source: C21


  1. He made $150,000 for the 6months… so jealous, though I totally agree that it’s a bit of an isolated job… theres a new one too, called the “Second Best Job in the World” (who would have thought?) where you get to be a “Shopping Consultant” for a month, travelling to 7 major countries, staying in swanky hotels, flying in business class, the whole works… A lot less isolated that’s for sure!

  2. Whoever came up with the campaign was a genius, considering the coverage it’s gotten.
    Especially when it seems like pretty dull, isolated job (in a nice location, obviously).

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