Bright outlook for The Weather Channel

wcAnother of the changes coming on November 15 is a revamp for The Weather Channel’s  interactive application, Weather Active. It will provide greater customised information for every suburb across the country.

It has  the ability to provide a local weather forecast that splits the next 24 hours three ways – morning, noon, and night. It will also be the only TV weather service available to deliver 10-day forecasts for every suburb in Australia.

The application’s database queries over 800 weather stations, 560 forecast locations, 75 marine districts, 34 surf districts and 73 tidal locations.

With the popular rain radar coverage more than doubling in capacity, viewers will now be able to zoom in on key areas to view localised rainfall activity.

“We’ll be using weather data in certain areas of the application which is sourced from the highly respected European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting. This meteorological data gets the most skilled weather professionals excited!” said The Weather Channel General Manager, Julian Delany.

The new Weather Active will also include new snow and resort forecasts throughout winter and will now feature an  improved navigation design with increased animated lightning and satellite images.

It will be available to Foxtel and Austar subscribers.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Weather systems are inherently chaotic in nature; ie intrinsically indeterminate and therefore unpredictable. Any prediction beyond 4 days is significantly unreliable.

  2. The irony is that weather forecasters are never 100% accurate in their predictions, yet the scientists pushing the “man-made global warming/climate change” are 100% certain that average temperatures and seas will continue to rise. It’s a good thing Al Gore isn’t in the weather forecasting business because he keep shifting the year when total arctic ice melt will occur.

  3. You must get a better weather prediction if you pay for it, cos the Bureau of Meteorology via their website, FTA tv and print media struggle to get it half way reasonable about 2 days out.

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