Channel [V] Presenter Search: Top 3

Billy RussellNext week Billy Russell, Jordan Loukas or Ryan Stuart will see their life transformed as they become a new, fulltime television presenter for Channel [V].

The music channel will announce the winner live at its Homebake broadcast where the three will compete in a final on-air challenge.

Channel [V] has been searching for a new face for four months, after a nation-wide search which netted over 3000 applications. Former presenters for the channel have included Andrew Gunsberg, James Mathison, Jabba, Yumi Stynes and Andrew Mercado.

The final 3 are:

Hailing from Melbourne, Billy Russell has given up a lot to take part in [V] Presenter Search 2009. When he found out that he made the Top 30, he immediately quit his job in London and was on the first plane back to Australia so he could take part in the Melbourne auditions. A fiend for all things music, he counts The Clash, The Velvet Underground, Pixies, Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney among his favourite bands.

Jordan LoukasWhilst Sydneysider Jordan Loukas is no stranger to TV audiences having appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model Series 3, she’s now eager and ready to share her love of music with the rest of the country. With an eclectic taste in music, some of her all time favourites include Blondie, The Pretenders, Public Enemy, Lupe Fiasco, The Shins and Phoenix. Oh, and a little bit of Britney!

Ryan StuartBy day, Novocastrian Ryan Stuart works in corporate health, and by night he is an announcer on his local radio station. When he thinks of what sort of music he likes, his brain sort of explodes and spits out a thousand different bands and artists, but simply he is an indie kid at heart. His iPod is filled with the likes of Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Kasabian, Whitley, Red Riders, Yves Klein Blue and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

One of the lucky three will join Danny Clayton, Kyle Linahan, Renee Bargh and Jane Gazzo when the winner is announced at  [V] Presenter Search 2009 Finale: Live from Homebake from 3.00pm Saturday 5th December.

It will also stream on


  1. J William Harrison

    Jordan should win, she has more charisma then the other two put together, she has a broad range of musical tastes and the camera loves her. Not since Kelly Burchill & the late Meagan Connolly (from back in the days the chanel was known as Red) has a music chanel had such a great character…. Go Jordo!

  2. i soooo agree with nathan bout jordan ( how many times can u say the word hectic in one interview) the other guy that was up against her in the very last audition before the top 3, was heaps better, at least he had character and was really funny, and actually engaged the audience, reckon that she only made it through cause of how she looks (and lets face it looks do eventually fade) and probably knows people in the industry,

  3. Jordan should win, her video is the best out of everyones, shes pretty, has a mix of music taste and very carismatic. She is perfect for channel V! And i hope she does win!

  4. With each new channel v presenter that has been added over the years, more and more it seems like they are getting them from a models agency waiting room or from promotions offices. Anyone remember jabba, one of the best v presenters that looks like any ordinary festival goer/music lover. And his appeal wasn’t his looks or how he pouted when on the tv but his passion for music.

    I dont watch channel v anymore because it just seems like a bunch of general pants co employees reading off cue cards about the latest r n b mashup while trying to wear fluro tops with lame quotes or images form old children shows, trying to act like they love all kinds of music but really only know whats trendy through whats played by kyle and jackie o.

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