Colbert coming to ABC2

stephen-colbertLooks like The Colbert Report will be airing on ABC2 in 2010. At least, that’s if we’re to believe ABC Managing Director Mark Scott’s Twitter feed.

“In truthiness, Colbert in ’10, 5 nights a week on ABC2. Dates/times later. I’ve said too much already!” he wrote.

He sure did.

But we don’t mind good news, Mr. Scott!

Of course the show already airs at 7pm on the Comedy Channel, suggesting a later timeslot would be the more likely outcome.


  1. Wow! I think I want to jump Mark Scott’s bones now. This makes up for all the kids programming during the day on all three ABC channels.

    If we’re talkin’ late night programming here, ABC News Online streams live feeds of Australia Network’s NewsHour With Jim Middleton at 1am & 3:30am (AESDT) & I think that would work really well with The Colbert Report (& maybe The Daily Show) on ABC2… Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Jay Leno, now Colbert, pretty soon people will be dropping foxtel! They need to do some serious fastracking of some of their staple series, like Dexter and True Blood. None of this 6 months behind crap…

  3. @Daniel

    Channel 10 only showed the Global Edition of The Daily Show once a week late at night on 11:30PM-12:00AM wasn’t really commitment by TEN to have it was just filler programming..

    But with the ABC if they got both Colbert and Stuart it would do very well for ABC2 like other have said there getting better every year with there great programming

  4. Daily Show and Colbert are unmissable as far as I’m concerned. I might even make the jump from watching on Comedy to ABC2, because those ads on Comedy are quite brutal, even in fast-forward.

  5. 5 nights a week is possible. The Comedy Channel airs this awesome program 5 nights a week. A few hours off the satellite Tuesday – Friday and the global edition on Mondays, which is a weekly highlights programme that usually airs in countries that don’t receive the main programme.

    The Daily Show didn’t last on TEN so I wouldn’t have much hope for Colbert to last on ABC2.

  6. It would be amazing to have this run on ABC2 just before or just after the slot that lateline runs on ABC1. We could go str8 from one channel to the other in a “bloc of awesome newsiness” TM

  7. I think a certain MS of the ABC is a Colbert fan (using the word he coined ‘truthiness’).

    Slightly puzzling though, as Colbert only airs 4 nights a week in the US, unless he somehow got Colbert to do an extra episode a week.

    Hopefully it comes out on iView as well, it can save me considerable quota i would estimate 30gigabytes this year went to The daily show and Colbert report. Hopefully they will have TDS as well.

    After that we need our own TDS/TCR style show looking at australian matters.

  8. Great News!

    Now we just need the Daily Show on Free to Air and and we’ll have the quartet with the current Leno and Letterman.

    I’m seriously considering dropping my Foxtel as the spread of decent programs is now over a wider range of packages that cost more. Plus, I can now watch many shows on the internet either in podcast or live stream form.

    Foxtel must be worried about these new FTA channels and broadband. That’s why Rupert is now signalling paying for web content.

  9. Five nights a week? Given that the Colbert Report is only broadcast four nights a week in the US that would be quite a coup for our ABC…

    It sure is good news though, no matter how many nights a week it’s on!

  10. A tweet further down that announces it:

    Nation…. Coming to ABC2 in 2010…. The Colbert Report. And that is today’s Word.3:02 PM Nov 8th from TweetDeck

  11. Great.
    ABC2 needs more edgy high profile content like this to give the network a brand. Hopefully the start of some higher profile shows coming to ABC2

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