Concern for Jeanne Little

jlSpirited television performer Jeanne Little is reportedly in ill health today according to the Daily Telegraph, which reports she is almost unrecognisable.

“She is in bad shape, deteriorating rapidly,” one friend told the newspaper yesterday. “Quite frail.”

Her husband recently quashed rumours that his wife has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease, believed to be Alzheimers.

Little, 71, has a long showbiz history in Australia, winning Logie awards -including Gold Logies- and becoming an unmistakable part of The Mike Walsh Show in the 1970s.

She continued her charismatic performances, and “glad rags” costumery in The Midday Show with Ray Martin as well as panel appearances on Beauty and the Beast.

Little, who has also performed in cabaret and theatre, is synonymous with her trademark catchphrase, “Daaaarling!”

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Hi Jeannie get well darling and enjoy your world as it is today and we will continue to have haapy memories of you and Hazel as we will enter your world soon as we continue our journey in life. god bless its sad that your grandchildren will miss out on your wonderful kindness and happy nature.

  2. I use to serve her at david jones at bondi,she was wonderful then and wonderful now..some of you need forgivness to help you and your vile words about her…shame on you…we Love you jeanne get well…Chanel xxxx

  3. Sinclair Family

    Our heart and love go out to the family, we ourselves are dealing with this dreaded disease and know exactly what you are going through and what is ahead. Play lots of music and make everything a game.

  4. I first met Jeanne in the greenroom of chanel 10 before Mike Walsh moved to Nine while waiting to do my interview with Mike while I was on visit from the uk touring the country with my show .

    Since that day Jeanne and I have worked together on countless occasions doing country tours and one night stands at all australias premier clubs as well of cause the Mike Walsh Show on which I was also a regular.

    During all the years I have known Jeanne I have only observed kindness compassion and generosity nothing was ever too much trouble for her .I wish both herself and Barry all I could wish myself in their retirement lots of love, Noel Talbot.

  5. robert anderson blue mts

    Hi jeannie all my love to you love to see you soon you are a darling lady all my love robbie katoombahi barrie hope you are well rob

  6. @ TheUglyBaby … Firstly her career started twenty odd years before Beauty & the Beast { this being just a few years of her career } as for saying she is a vile woman &
    mocked the less fortunate … this would not be you by chance … didn’t get the right answer that day to your question? Bet your got some things to say about Stan? So you suggest we track down old eps of B&B to see how vile she was so while the rest
    of us go off & do that can you then suggest as to where we can find testament of this
    vile woman mocking the less fortunate in the twenty odd years of her career before B&B. Now don’t let us all down as it was you that wrote she made her career mocking the less fortunate … maybe you ment to write part of her career.

  7. @ TheUglyBaby……obviously you are thinking of someone else. I have known of her since I was a baby watching the Mike Walsh Show and she, from what I have seen does not have a mean bone in her body.
    IMO you should get your facts strait b4 you shoot your mouth off here about people who are sick.

  8. @Goonies Will do.

    @alfagirl I suggest you track down some old Beauty & the Beast eps, where Jeanne’s “advice” consisted of mocking the people who asked for help.

  9. All the best Jeanne. You are an absolute crack-up and delight to watch.

    @ TheUglyBaby – don’t forget to tell us all when you are really sick so we can all send you nasty messages too.

  10. @TheUglyBaby – What is wrong with you? She did not make her career mocking the less fortunate. If anything she mocked herself which made her all the more endearing. Compassion and empathy is what keeps humanity from descending into savagery. Some of your comments on this site are truly nasty. I know you just want a reaction so this is the last time I will be commenting about anything you say.

  11. Loved Jeanne’s work on Beauty and the Beast. It was her and Stan that made me and my friends race home from school early on sports day to watch it together lol

    We’d often try to mimic her ‘Darrrrrling’, but only she can do it!

    All the best wishes Jeanne, get well soon.

  12. I worked with Jeannie years ago on Mike Willesee’s current affairs show ‘Willesee At Seven’. I produced her segments on that show. Before then I just thought she was a wierd lady who exaggerated her character for TV. But when I got to work with her, I realised the TV persona was more or less the way she really is. What you see is what you get. Jeannie’s one of those wonderful eccentrics whom TV loves to discover and use as entertainment – like goggle-eyed Graham Kennedy. Like Kennedy, she’s an entertainer. Unlike Kennedy, however, Jeannie Little doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and she’s a delight to work with. She’s not a ‘vile woman’ as one blogger said (above). She doesn’t mock anyone – except herself on occasion. I have occasionally wondered how Barrie has lived with her so long. Others may perhaps find that a strain. But Jeannie is a really lovely lady, and I sincerely wish her a speedy recovery if she is not well. She’s given much to TV viewers. She deserves their compassion as well as their best wishes.

  13. I’m a relative of Jeanne’s – she’s my grandmother’s sister, and it’s really lovely to see that people still hold a special place in their heart for her. Thanks for the messages of support, I will pass them on to my nan and to Barrie.

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