David Tennant wins NBC lead

dtDavid Tennant now joins a long line of UK actors to front American dramas after landing the lead role in Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, a legal dramedy for NBC.

He will star as a top Chicago lawyer who suffers from panic attacks and coaches his clients to represent themselves in court (shades of Eli Stone anyone?).

NBC greenlighted the project in August, about two years after it was first developed, and had been trying to find a lead actor for several months until Tennant came along and nailed the part.

David Semel (Heroes, Life) will direct the pilot.

Source: BBC, Hollywood Reporter


  1. Legally dramedy? Well that’s just perfect to make Mac go snoozy…

    Oh, Tennant’s in it? Bring on the coffee and prep my favourite spot on the couch!

  2. I’m glad to see Tennant back on TV again 😀 I mean, he does have a Scottish accent that he covered with an English accent for Dr. Who, now it’ll be interesting to see how he covers it with an American one, well, if Kevin McKidd can do it…

  3. Will be interesting hearing DT with an American accent! I sometimes find him difficult to understand him in his role as the Doctor when often it sounds like he has a mouth full of spit.

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