Eamon Sullivan named Celebrity MasterChef

eaSwimmer Eamon Sullivan has won Celebrity MasterChef.

He defeated finalists Rachael Finch and Kirk Pengillyin the TEN reality series.

The two hour finale saw the three finalists competing in several cooking challenges.

ea4Rachael Finch went into the final challenge as the underdog with 22 points. Her final dish netted her 24 points with a total of 46 points.

Kirk Pengilly had 32 points before the final dish with 55 points.

Eamon Sullivan also had  32 points but took 27 points to win with 59 points.

ea3Sullivan had always been the series front runner, but he nearly didn’t complete his final dish, having to make his pastry 3 times after it fell apart over a chicken dish.

“I was so close to quitting and walking out,” he said.

“I’m so glad I didn’t throw in the towel and having a hissy fit.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be standing here named Australia’s first Celebrity MasterChef.

ea2He wins $50,000 for charity and the MasterChef trophy.


  1. I think the show and the contestants all did bloody well (though I’m riled at the ignorance of some posters here who think it’s somehow abnormal for these celebrities to be more than just their professional personas – I’d never heard of a delice either but it looked darn scrummy!).

  2. @ Richard W, the difficulty of what Eamon made compared to what Rachael made is the difference between night and day. His Delice tart was immensely difficult to pull off successfully compared to a strawberry semi-freddo. It also had more complex flavours as it combined a number of layers and flavours, ie pastry base, chocolate and caramel. Hence, the judges rewarded him accordingly.

  3. I find it strange how they come up with these things to make though. Kirk said i’m making a chocolate cake and i thought great i know what that is. Eamon says Chocolate Delise, and i’m thinking what the hell is that. And Rachel says she’s making a Strawberry Bouvois or however you spell it. Really what celebrity, or what normal person knows what these are???

    @BetteStreep, Steph Rice is now with David Williams, so she’s still doing well. Check out his pics and you wouldn’t complain.

    I love the 2nd pic and the top of this page. Zoom in and enlarge that one.

  4. Who cares. They have managed to run Matserchef into the ground and turn it into a 1.2 million finale rater. Couldn’t even beat the damn hey hey reunion.

  5. Rachael did a frozen popsicle and got canned for it but Eamon did a “really light Mars bar” and got praise? Both are loved by kids so whats the difference?

    Yes his cake did look good, but I find that the judges on this show favor chocalate/caramel type deserts ahead of fruit style ones, perhaps cause they look like their mothers loved them a bit too much when they were younger and given plenty of comfort food as kids!

  6. bettestreep2008

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series and the finale was an absolute delight.

    Shame it wasn’t a ratings winner – being demolished by the Hey Hey reunions and being relegated to third by repeats of Border Security and 2.5 men!

    As for Eammon – he is good looking, a successful Olympian and can cook! Stephanie Rice must be kicking herself to let him go!

    Eamonn – you are welcome in my kitchen anytime – grrrr!

  7. Fantastic show last night, very entertaining indeed, and much better than the Masterchef cook-off featuring Poh and Julie, I really liked the final format of three cooks, and hope that the producers adopt this for MasterChef 2010. I reckon a final between Poh, Julie and Chris would have been more rivetting!

    I remain in complete awe of Eamon’s cooking skills. My jaw dropped into my lap when he pulled off the Chocolate Delice to absolute perfection. Those biscuit based, soft layer tarts are very difficult for highly qualified pastry chefs to prepare, let alone an amateur. That was completely extraordinary and the judges were right to be in a state of disbelief about it. I felt sorry for Rachael, as her dessert flopped, but I’ve got to say that Kirk Pengilly is an amazingly gifted cook, as well as being a very nice bloke. He has a very personable vibe, I liked him when he was a mentor on Australian Idol and I loved him on Celebrity MasterChef.

    There is a report in this morning’s paper that Eamon would like to do further work on cooking shows, as he loves cooking so much. Well, if the Lifestyle network were smart, they’d sign this guy up pronto for one of their local cooking show productions. He looks like a dreamboat, is extremely affable and cooks like a natural born, kitchen superstar.

  8. I Enjoyed the show and Eamon was a deserving winner ( his Chocolate Delise looked divine)

    Q: Why does Ch 10 need to stretch out a 3 contestant cooking final to 2 hours ??? (Ok, I guess the answer its so they can get all their Ad’s in !
    There were so many repetitive long winded Ad’s (e.g. the Paper Towel Ad) last night that I almost fell asleep, but ended up Ch flicking instead.

    I watch Lifestyle Food frequently where the cooking programmes are packaged neatly into smaller time slots rendering them much more viewer friendly.

  9. Great final ep of masterchef and congrats Eamon! man he put up a dam good looking desert! and great aswell cause he came from 2 points!
    Next yrs junior masterchef version will be interesting.
    we all knew this version would never be as good as watching people just like our mums, sisters, dads and work mates and ourselves cook, its hilarious and entertaining. Can’t wait for masterchef season 2! bring it on

  10. This was nowhere near as gripping or as fun as regular MC but what l saw was very entertaining. MC was must see tv this one was background tv but fun background tv.

    Good to see Eamon win especially as he was on 2 points to start! Although with Rachel on screen I didn’t notice there were two others there most of the time !!

  11. Oh Eamon how you make my heart melt. Sexy, athletic, nice guy, and knows how to cook. Fly away with me to Canada so we can get married.

    Was good fun this celebrity Masterchef. And Eamon’s chocolate dessert looked great. And i cooked the Lemon Curd Crepe layer cake from earlier in the series and it was so good if i do say so myself.

  12. I just think it’s a shame that the judges, when doing their pre-publicty interviews, made it so obvious who the successful ones were – I guessed that he would win before the series began because of the comments made in the media by the judges. Also, each week it was pretty easy to guess which celebrity would make it through (except I thought Alex Perry would make it through – the rest I guessed before the show had even begun screening) – again because of the comments by the judges. If they do that type of thing again – either celebrity, or the kids, or the regular masterchef – they have to learn the art of not giving away any of the clues. It was really obvious, to the point where I didn’t bother watching, because it just had no dramatic tension etc/

  13. Good show ey, nothing to critisize, family fun, different to most things. Celebrity format works just as well as normal one, shame it isn’t doing similar numbers

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