Eddie leads Nine’s Olympic team

EddieMcGuireFollowing on from earlier speculation, Nine has confirmed Eddie McGuire will spearhead its Winter Olympics coverage, together with Ken Sutcliffe.

Nine will broadcast more than 130 hours from Vancouver next February, in what is billed as the biggest free-to-air broadcast of the Olympic Winter Games ever seen in Australia.

McGuire will host the prime-time coverage with Sutcliffe hosting the daily live coverage. He will also commentate the Opening and Closing Ceremonies with Leila McKinnon.

Also on the Nine team are Cameron Williams, Steven Bradbury, Alisa Camplin, James Brayshaw, Michael Kennedy, Jay Onley, Phil Liggett, Steven Lee, Roger White, Andrew Voss, Belinda Noonan, Warren Smith, Mike McCann, Carla Zijlstra and Dwayne Russell.

They are joined by Grant Hackett, Giaan Rooney, Tony Jones, Tim Sheridan and Tim Gilbert, Damian Ryan, Peter Stefanovic, some of whom will report on the Vancouver atmosphere.

Nine Network Head of Sport, Steve Crawley, said, “This is an outstanding group of talented presenters, commentators and reporters set to bring Australian viewers all the action and excitement of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

“Nine is committed to providing more than 130 hours of exceptional coverage across 17 days of elite competition.”


  1. Who decided that Eddie Maguire would be the right person to host the winter olympic coverage?? A Sports commentator and interviewer he most definately is not. His commentary during the opening ceremony was absolutely dreadful. His inability to pronounce foreign names correctly, ask sensible questions during interviews and his constant pronouncement of “Australia” as “Austraya” are all soooo annoying. How did he get that job over others who have much more expertise and articulation??
    The winter olympics coverage is incredibly disappointing. I want to watch the sporting events, not little sections of highlights.
    Learned my lesson. If Nine hosts the next olympics coverage…Foxtell must be the way to go.

  2. Why can’t Eddie Maguire, and many other commentators, pronounce our country’s name correctly? Australia has an “L” . Why do Eddie, Grant Hackett and many others insist on saying “Austraya”?

  3. The Olympics would all be so watchable if we could just watch the sport and leave all the plastic commentating (mostly Eddie McGuire) somewhere else. Stick with your AFL Eddie!

  4. Eddie Maguire’s interview with Begg-Smith was a disaster in my opinion. The ‘we was robbed’ line is just un-Australian – the Canadian born Begg-Smith was clearly uncomfortable with Maguire’s infantile questioning – and far more ‘aussie’.

    Begg-Smith did a brilliant job on the moguls. The Canadian pipped him by a tiny margin, with a faster run. Maguire should get off television.

  5. At the opening ceremony we hear the athlete taking the oath on behalf of all athletes. She hopes for drug free dope free olymoics. Tonight in banter from Maguire and Malloy we hear that when describing some part of the opening ceremony (I think it was the uniform of a country) the word stoned (I think this was describing what the team unifrom looked like.) Regardless what they were bantering about surely the word stoned is terribly inappropriate in such a context. Shame on them and I hope some one can pull them up!

  6. Eddie was a disaster during the opening ceremony. His robotic reading of the context for each aspect of the ceremony was way below even his most lackluster performance standard. It was absolutely dreadful and marred what would have otherwise been a stunning spectacular. What were you thinking?

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