F Word just an entree

Matt Moran's version of The F Word airs on 7TWO at just four episodes long. It helps to have an 'off-Broadway' channel.

moranOne of the more curious additions to the 7TWO schedule is a local version of The F Word starring Matt Moran.

As one of the few local shows on the channel, it airs tonight at 8:30pm. Each week, top chef Matt Moran will work with an amateur team of cooks to put together a menu to feed fifty people. Tonight it includes, presumably as dining guests, singer Jade Macrae and Shane Jacobsen.

It helps to have an “off-Broadway” style channel when some projects just don’t work out. The show will only air four times -a surprisingly small number when MasterChef had been so huge for TEN.

Next week it has Anthony Callea and Wil Traval then Human Nature’s Phil Burton and David Campbell on November 13th.

It ends on November 27 with Saturday Disney‘s Shae Brewster and Sally Stanton, plus Will Traval, Andrew Supanz and Ada Nicodemou.

Seven’s Tim Worner recently told MediaWeek Moran is a great communicator and chef, and denied a report he walked out on My Kitchen Rules.

But maybe things got too hot in the The F Word kitchen…

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  1. No but there was info already written here in previous comments, several times in fact, that indicated to follow up recipes with Seven along with advice the show was filmed quite some time ago. The blog provides plenty of archival info that allows readers to self-serve on this kind of info. I don’t mind answering questions, but I do mind when I’ve covered the info already and it’s readily available with a quick scan.

  2. Asked a question about the receipes … at no stage did I say David can you please repeat yourself … obviously got the wrong person for this job….. Maybe you should look up the recipe for people skillls ………….

  3. Kev-the score was 46/50 and they finished on 103/150 I hate the guests, they got no idea what they’re on about “it has too much of an avocado taste”- Yes thats because there’s avocado in the salad. Good show but try hard diners who think they’re matt preston.

  4. I can’t believe so many ppl are hitting this great show. If you don’t like it then don’t watch.

    I love Matt Moran and he has worked hard to get where he is today!! Congrats I say to 7Two and Matt. I love this show, it shows you step by step how to make the dishes at home, which I have already cooked because of viewing it and they were wonderful. Keep them rolling 7Two and Matt, hope to see lots more of you!

  5. Whilst I think this is a great idea for a show, I think the title is too misleading. It very tenuously worked with Gordon Ramsay’s personality but with Matt Moran – he’s hardly known for his F-bombs, is he!

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