Farewell Einstein Factor

eifAfter being given its marching orders in the middle of the year, the ABC’s Einstein Factor bows out on Sunday, ending a six year run.

The show filmed its black-tie 2009 Grand Final before being given the news, so don’t be looking for any great hurrahs.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the last ever episode.

Will it be Perth’s Raymond Palermo with his knowledge of the five good Roman emperors from 96AD to 180AD? Or will Mark Reisman from Sydney with his passion for the films of Alfred Hitchcock take the title? They both will have to be quick to beat fellow contestant, Sydneysider, Andrew Whatham with his special topic the life of Wilhelm Canaris, the famous German admiral.

Lending a helping hand to the contestants is our Brains Trust panel of experts and Einstein Factor favourites, Dr Barry Jones, Dr Clio Cresswell and Matt Parkinson. To find out who wins, don’t miss the final episode of The Einstein Factor.

It airs at 6:30pm Sunday on ABC1. A week later it is replaced with a repeat of Wild Provence.


  1. What a bloody disappointment. No Berner, no Barry and no Parko ergo nothing worth watching of a Sunday night. I henceforth withdraw my 8 cents/day.

  2. peterbutnotberner

    I only found out today that The Einstein Factor had been axed, when I tuned into ABC One at 6:30 pm tonight. (I was o/s during March and completely forgot to watch the ABC at this timeslot in Feb.) As a one-time contestant, I may be biased, but I am disappointed to learn of the show’s demise. And I won’t be watching the show’s replacement.

  3. This was our favourite show. A show with people with brains, for people who enjoyed the battle of little grey cells. Standing out from most of Australian TV.

    Surely it’s not too late to commission another series later. Please!

  4. I am very disappointed that the einstein factor has been axed i have been watching the show for many years and looked forward to it on sunday night aunty get your act together

  5. Why or why have you axed “The Einstein Factor”. Sunday night will never be the same again! How we looked forward to it each week! Perhaps there aren’t enough ‘intelligent’ people to watch it?

    Please bring it back and lighten up our screens with Peter Berner again.

    Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with “The Collectors” BUT it doesn’t hold a candle to “The Einstein Factor”

  6. We did not realize Einstein wasn’t returning till Collectors came in it’s time slot. What a disappointment. It was an absolute must in our house at that time. We enjoy the Collectors too but not at that time, 8pm Friday was perfect. Why do the ABC always mess things up, Haven’t they heard the saying “If it aint broke don’t fix it.”.

  7. Did not realise the show had been axed until I looked in Google, as I could not find it when the summer programming ended and the regular programs resumed. Oh, dear, Aunty ABC – Why why why? Certainly can’t see the Collectors as an adequate replacement for that time slot.

    Shame, shame.

  8. Phil Van Brunschot

    Can’t understand why the einstein factor has been axed. It was a much watch for us. Good intelligent comedy, sorry Aunty you’ve let us all down. this show was great and even though we have watchedd the collectors it’s nothing to Peter Berner and The Einstein Factor

  9. It was a must watch in our household – we loved it! Can’t stand any of those for a million bucks quizz shows with the tiresome “suspense” and dumb contestants and dumb questions. I just read the blurb on the Aunty website…. while the collectors is ok in itself I wouldn’t call it fresh……

  10. I am shocked and disgusted that the Einstein Factor has been cancelled. For once the ABC had an Australian produced 30 minute programme that was not a foolish serving of people being silly. Many people, I am sure, will miss this weekly dose of something entertaining and intellectual. Why cancel this programme and not some of your other twaddle? After all you are the ABC and thus a channel that used to be able to be relied on to present something serious!

  11. I am disappointed at the axing of this unique show.
    I am not interested in a show based on Hoarders
    and the aquisitive nonsense surrounding it. Thus
    I won’t be watching Collectors. The presenters are
    very professional though.

  12. Looked in my tv programme guide for this week and no The Einstein Factor. So came onto the website and Shock! Horror! Its been axed! This will change my Sunday evening viewing experience entirely because I so looked forward to it and so enjoyed it. No, I will not be watching The Collectors. Bye bye Peter Berner and co and thank you for so many enjoyable years of The Einstein Factor.

  13. I did not realise it had been axed until it didn’t come on again this year. Peter Berner made this potentially dull show pretty entertaining. I hope he gets something else. Sorry to see it go.

  14. This show can’t have been expensive to produce, surely. Why axe it?

    May I suggest a replacement: Barry Jones on screen for half an hour just delivering random facts in ludicrous detail and colourful stories about world figures. I’d watch 😀

  15. Pathetic ABC one of the smartest shows on and they axe it. Have been a regular viewer since the beginning and will miss it as a Sunday night fixture.

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