FlashForward halts production week

Another US show hits the pause button, as FlashForward figures drop.

flashforwardFlashForward is halting production for the week, just a month after showrunner Marc Guggenheim departed the series.

But a spokesperson for ABC said the break was planned, adding, “They started production early so that they could have the luxury to do this. They want to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so.”

Sounds like they saw into the future on that one, too?

Last week the drama hit a new low in the US, as it did last night in Australia, down to 972,000, a long way off its big premiere.

The non-holiday shutdown for the show follows a halt for Cougar Town this week, another Seven title due in 2010.

Seven airs the mid-season finale, and its last ep for 2009, next Monday, in non-ratings -which will get a rare screening here before the US.

Source: EW.com, THR

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  1. for the record, the season is 25 episodes not 22.

    Stephen H, i believe the deal is that ABC tell 7 what episodes they can air and when, when they aquire the show and contracts are signed. if ABC delays an episode after that signing the original agreement still stands. meaning that having a week off for thanksgiving was not the original plan.

    it’s a fair enough rule imo, the US networks cannot make scheduling changes as they like and expect the rest of the world to conform to their schedule.

  2. It’s guaranteed for a season of 22 episodes, so I’m sure they will have time for closure if the axe ultimately falls. I didn’t think we could get eps before the US either, so I’m actually really surprised Seven haven’t made a claim to being “aired before America” (which I would if I was Seven!) but there’ve been plenty of axed US shows like Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies etc which got final episodes aired in Australia and other countries before they finally aired (if at all) in the States. So not sure if there is an actual rule to the practice of when episodes can and should be aired outside of the U.S.

  3. There is just nothing to the show, instead of being some cool metaphysical, end of world, “the rapture” type of thing (that most people thought it initially may be), it’s some boring government experiment.

    They are already going off on really boring story line tangents that a pure filler and very dull as well.

    Say what you want about Lost, it’s remained really interesting and always kept you guessing. Sure, it’s gotten somewhat way out there but that’s what makes it such a great show.

  4. Normally when I here a show like this is going to be left hanging with eps not aired here over the summer I’d go else where to catch up… not sure if I’ll do that this time. ITA it’s a great idea but let down by poor script and acting. Like Heroes it has too much going on and like any network show the ending it open ended so it could go on for years. But given the ratings I think it will be lucky to last the season on local TV.

  5. I’m really enjoying the series, I think the writing is excellent and the stories behind each of the characters is being fleshed out nicely week by week. If they kill it off without a proper ending I’ll never forgive those damn American viewers. Although it could be spun out over several seasons, like Lost, I hope they’re smart enough to keep it tight and limit it to one or two seasons with a proper ending that ties it all up. Sigh, probably not much chance of that unfortunately…

  6. I liked the first episode, as it had some exciting action in it. But after that it got a bit soapy and slower paced, with people not actually exploiting or exploring this bizarre incident in logical ways. Frustrated me so much, I gave up on it.

  7. Wonder if ratings will actually go up seeing the episode airs here before it airs in the States (ie torrenters won’t really need to download it if they’re not archiving – they can watch it on Seven first!).

  8. The trouble with series like Flashforward and its counterparts, Heros & Lost is that they think by taking us back and forward with fill in story lines it will hold our interest. The plots become too confusing and if you blink you miss the plot. I am a huge fan of all 3 but sometimes I just want the shows to go forward. I’d rather see them wrapped up in 3 great seasons then dragged out into 5 seasons of filler !

  9. you’d think would’ve said that in last night promo, rather then just ‘the last episode of 2009’

    im still watching, it may not be must-watch-or-die television, but it is watchable.
    and yes, at my age, not watching tv may lead to death… lol

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