Funding approvals for documentaries

jmkA number of documentaries have been approved for funding by Screen Australia, set to screen on ABC and the History Channel. They include a second series of Anatomy, a doco on the Wood Royal Commission, a profile on Justice Michael Kirby (pictured) and another on Father Peter Kennedy-the first Catholic priest ever to be sacked in Australia.

* Three also received funding from Film Victoria.

International Documentary

Prospero Productions
Producers Ed Punchard, Julia Redwood
Director Julia Redwood
Sales and Domestic Broadcaster NGTV, NGUS, RAI, NGTI and History Channel Australia
Synopsis An unparalleled underwater exploration to reveal the secret history of Gallipoli, led by the world famous shipwreck hunter Robert Ballard.

Domestic Door – Documentary Series

Matchbox Pictures
Producers Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres and Polly Staniford
Directors Emma Crimmings, Donna McCrum, Andy Canny and Adele Wilkes
Broadcaster ABC TV
Synopsis A three-part documentary series exploring the ways in which artists and performers deal with the subject of sex and the human body. The films are thematically linked but are also complete stories in themselves.

Bearcage Films
Producer Michael Tear
Writer Michael Cove
Director Serge Ou
Broadcaster Foxtel History Channel
Synopsis As Australian As is a series of self-contained personal television essays in which 10 prominent Australians tell the story of the event, incident or experience that made them appreciate what it means to be as Australian as …

Domestic Documentaries

Flaming Star Films Pty Ltd
Producer Sharyn Prentice
Director Rosie Jones
Broadcaster ABC TV
Synopsis On a 50-mile trek from Los Angeles airport to the heart of Hollywood, notorious writer and cultural provocateur, Will Self, interrogates the meaning of walking in a globalised, industrialised world.

Pony Films
Producer Dylan Blowen
Director/Writer Rachel Landers
Broadcaster ABC TV Sales, ABC Commercial
Synopsis A study of the Wood Royal Commission, which gripped the Australian public’s imagination for almost three years as it rolled out like a twisting, shocking thriller. It surged to life through the persistence and resolve of the independent politician John Hatton.

Iguana Films
Producer/Director Jenny Ainge
Writer Paul Roy
Broadcaster ABC TV
Synopsis Tells the intimate stories of 10 Australian women and how WWII changed their lives. WWII was one of the greatest social catalysts for Australian women. The film explores the remarkable courage and resourcefulness of Australian women in a time of great turmoil and danger.

Valarc Films
Producer Matteo Bruno
Director Jack Pam
Broadcaster ABC TV
Synopsis Photography Hijacked is an exploration into the dynamic and diverse world of contemporary photography told through the eyes of the practitioner.

Film Art Doco Pty Ltd
Producer Sue Maslin
Director/Writer Daryl Dellora
Broadcaster ABC TV Sales, Film Art Doco
Synopsis With filming starting during his final days before retiring from the High Court of Australia, this documentary about Justice Michael Kirby explores the personal, moral and spiritual convictions which provide the framework for understanding one of Australia’s greatest legal minds.

Soul Vision Films Pty Ltd
Producer/Writer/Director Peter Hegedus
Producer Veronica Fury
Broadcaster ABC TV
Synopsis On February 21 2009, Father Peter Kennedy of St Mary’s Church in Brisbane, became the first Catholic priest ever to be sacked in Australia. His transgressions included questioning the Virgin Birth, blessing same sex unions and allowing women to recite the Eucharist. In the eyes of Rome, Peter Kennedy is a heretic. This documentary follows the story of Peter Kennedy and the people whose lives have been affected by his sacking. Ultimately The Trouble with St Mary’s investigates the future of the Catholic Church on the dawn of the 21st century.

MICHAEL KIRBY – FUSION NOT EXCLUSION – Filmed during Justice Michael Kirby’s final days before retiring from the High Court of Australia, this documentary examines the personal, moral and spiritual convictions of one of Australia’s great legal minds. Filmed in long-form interview style, KIRBY is produced by Film Art Doco’s AFI Award winning Sue Maslin and directed by Australian Human Rights Award winner Daryl Dellora, and will screen on ABC’s COMPASS.

ART OF WALKING – Produced by Sharyn Prentice for Flaming Star Films and directed by Rosie Jones, this documentary questions the demands of modern life and a man’s decision to refuse a taxi. As writer and provocateur Will Self sets out on a fifty-mile trek from LA Airport to the heart of Hollywood, he invokes the histories of others who have changed the world through the art of walking.

KILLING TIME – This true-crime drama TV series about Melbourne’s criminal underworld is told from the point of view of Andrew Fraser, a formerly successful criminal lawyer now serving time for drug trafficking. Surrounded by serial killers and murderers, Fraser has no choice but to think about where it all went wrong. Produced by FremantleMedia Australia’s Jason Stephens, this true crime drama is written by Ian David, Mac Gudgeon and Sean Grant, and will be directed by Matt Saville and Sian Davies.

X – A suspense thriller set on the mean streets of Kings Cross, X follows the struggle of two women to survive the night and the dangerous world they’re caught up in. This feature film will be produced by AFI Award winning producer Lizzette Atkins for Circe Films and is written by Belinda McClory, with Jon Hewitt, who will also direct and produce.

PHOTOGRAPHY HIJACKED – Explores the world of contemporary photography, the lives of its subjects and the moments of inspiration that capture photographers. Based on the photography book Hijacked Volume One, Australia & America, this television project is produced by Matteo Bruno for Valarc Films and directed by photographer and filmmaker Jack Pam.
Film Victoria’s CEO, Sandra Sdraulig, said, “This round

Source: Screen Australia Film Victoria

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