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Take a glimpse at some of the shows you will see when ABC3 launches to children across the country this Friday.

3cThis Friday, Australia gets another new channel, as ABC3 launches to children across the country.

The pride of the channel’s debut is the new Australian children’s drama production, My Place. It will look at the children who have lived and gathered in one spot across several generations, centering round a huge fig tree. It airs at 8pm this Friday night.

The channel launches at 6pm following a one hour launch broadcast on ABC1 headed up by the Prime Minister.

Other titles coming on ABC3 are featured here.
Prank Patrol

Michaela’s Wild Challenge

Kratt Bros: Be The Creature

Don’t Blame the Koalas

CJ the DJ

Serious Ocean

Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

Barney’s Barrier Reef

A Very Barry Christmas

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  1. i dont see the point of having it 6am to 9pm, its just wasting abc’s broadcasting abilities, put it on 24/7 even if 9pm to 6am is the sameshows but different episodes, it would be good for the older children or for kids that cant get to sleep at least the have something to comfort them after a bad dream or something…. please make it 24/7, 6-9 is ridiculous

  2. tasmanian devil:
    It wouldn’t be fair to drop all kids programming on the ABC1, until analogue is turned off in the future (2013). Although the additional kids programming during the school holidays on the ABC1, seems far too much though.

    The ABC3 is meant for kids programming, not for adults. It would be a waste to spend money on older content for nights, which only offers nostalgia to adults.

  3. Re Zelda, the ABC has adopted that BBC model. ABC2’s children’s programming is “ABC for Kids” for preschoolers (like CBeebies) and ABC3 is the programs currently under “Rollercoaster” branding (like CBBC but catering to younger teenagers as well).

  4. I don’t get why ABC3 is going off-air after 9PM. Like yes, kids should be in bed, yadiyada, but why not play some old kids show for us older people to reminisce over? lol
    Same with ABC2, it’s annoying how it just gets shut off at night.

  5. While I love the concept for ABC3, I would have much rather they headed down the BBC track of CBBC and CBBeebies and targeted different age groups for each channel. Its the one thing I miss about the UK – the BBC and the other free to air channels….Sooo mcuh better than Anything here.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to this channel, but it seems to me that the ABC is a bit clueless about children’s television. Firstly, someone ought to tell the ABC that ABC3’s target audience is in school during the daytime. They are premiering Barney’s Barrier Reef at 8:55am and then they’ll wonder why nobody watched it.

    Secondly, they seem to think that kids will die without television so must fill their schedule with repeats (which kids “apparently” don’t mind) across all three channels, meaning that people who would like to watch something else are left out in the cold.

    Thirdly, ABC 2 and 3 have enough content without ABC 1 to prop them up, yet the ABC insists on catering to analogue-only viewers, which is not helping the digital switchover.

    And fourthly, ABC wrongly makes an effort to distance “children’s television” from “educational television”. If kids are to watch TV, it might as well be educational.

  7. Moving all the kids programming (from the ABC2), to the ABC3 definitely would have made more sense. The amount of new kids programming announced so far would be better suited to a single channel, rather than been spread over three channels. Instead the ABC2/3 will have more endless repeats of kids series, while adults have even less variety.

    There is actually a lack of new kids programming on (free to air) TV, especially good quality content. The majority of kids programming is repeats.

  8. I’m still annoyed that because of the ABC3 channel we loose good programming on the weekends so they can extend the kids programs on ABC2 from 6am to 6pm. What is the point of that? What a stupid thing to do.

    Surely we have enough kids stuff on TV.

    I’ll be sending a letter of complete annoyance to the network. Just going to have wait a bit – don’t want to send the letter with full of swear words and exclamation points! 🙂

    Looks like ABC is heading towards the Australian Broadcasting Children network now… disappointing.

  9. Does anyone know what ABC3 is going to screen between 9pm and 6am? Currently they are alternating between a static screen and music clips (with rage branding). I really hope that they show rage in the ‘off-air’ time.

  10. The ABC3 continues to sound worst and worst, with more reality TV series (Serious Ocean), more stupid series (Michaela’s Wild Challenge), and more repeats (A Very Barry Christmas, Don’t Blame the Koalas).

    Prank Patrol looks even more ridiculous than I expected, why is the ABC even encouraging kids to set up pranks?

    The ABC seems to think kids will watch anything these days, and could really use someone who cares about providing good quality and new content.

  11. Wonderful, I shall be tuning in. And launching just when the “ratings” end and the commercials go to sleep for 3 months and the school hols start, brilliant!

    But Please, ABC people, could we do something about the dreadful “watermarks”. The ABC has gone from “we won’t have them” back in the early days of digital, to having the Worst most annoying “watermarks” of all the fta stations. Not Good. A simple “ABC1”, “ABC2” and “ABC3” in the top left hand corner of the wide screen is all that’s required if you insists the viewer “needs to know what station they are watching”.

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