Generation: Xmas Guests

miclThe guests for the Christmas edition of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation are Denise Scott, Dylan Lewis and Ruby Rose.

As previously noted, this will air at 6:30pm on Sunday November 22nd, leading into the Australian Idol finale.

On the subject of Christmas, alas, once again there is no Panel: Xmas Wrap on Christmas night this year but TV Tonight hears the Working Dog team may be looking at another idea to raise some money for charity.

Not sure which network that would wind up on.

Over the last few years Working Dog has been on Seven, TEN and the ABC….

Generation will return in February with a full order of 22 episodes in 2010.


  1. Talkin’ ’bout your Generation will also release a New Years Eve epsiode too. Two more episodes this year and then 1 more year of it.

    My dream episode would have the following.

    BB: Tony Martin
    Gen X: Angus Sampson
    Gen Y: Josh Lawson or Hamish Blake

    By the way the list above would also be a good Thank God You’re Here epsiode.

  2. Apart from Recovery, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dylan Lewis in a TV vehicle that makes the most of his talents. Would really like to see him given a shot at 7pm Project.

  3. Its disappointing that The Panel won’t be on at Christmas again this year.

    Obviously there is still some bad blood, somewhat understandably, between Ten and Working Dog.

  4. I personally don’t mind Ruby Rose being on again I love her. And Dylan Lewis seemed good too. I think bob is right, they probably have just invited their favourites back.

  5. Ruby Rose failed on the 7PM project, waste of space. She was good on the first ep of TBYG though – good to hear its coming back for a full 22 episodes.

  6. It’s a good mix of celebs, especially Denise and Dylan…

    Good new re: 22 episodes next year – this has been my favourite new FTA show in Australia by a country mile. Has been great seeing Shaun in his element and it actually working for the mainstream too 😀

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