Gone: ADbc

adbcSBS has pulled the history game show ADbc from future schedules with one more episode to air at 9pm tonight.

The series, hosted by Sam Pang, sees comedians, celebrities and historians compete across a series of trivia challenges. Tonight it includes Kate Langbroek, Julian Schiller, Dr Peter Love and Emily Booth.

From next week it is replaced with Designer People, a 14 part series which profiles some of the world’s leading designers from Architecture, Graphics, Interiors, Industrial and Fashion.

Designer People is presented by Lee Lin Chin.


  1. By “pulled from future schedules”, does that mean it’s never coming back? If so, WTF? One of the few shows I actually watch on SBS and especially with Top Gear gone, I don’t think replacing this with Lee Lin Chin is such a great move.

  2. Apart from QI, there isn’t many programs on-air that educate you while giving you a laugh. I kinda liked ADbc & Sam as host. The best episode might’ve been number two where they had Tony Martin on with Angus Sampson. 😛

  3. Not surprising – the appearances from Tony Martin (come back, Tony) and Judith Lucy were the only highlights for this show.
    While he seems a nice guy, Sam Pang was just too dull as host.

  4. I was looking forward to this when it was announced but I’ve only watched two eps, I couldn’t take any more. Compared to the similar format QI, ADbc is one dull show.

  5. I enjoyed this show. Was a bit lame compared to the other panel shows ie. not quite as slick and Sam Pang isn’t great. But I found it a good mix of interesting content and humour, especially when Tony Martin was on. Love ya Tony!

  6. The show was very dull, but Sam pang needs to find another place on TV for sure – funny guy…

    It’ll be interesting to see Lee Lin Chin presenting something other than the news!

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