Gone: The Hills, Father of the Pride.

the-hillsSome lengthy changes have come through for Saturdays on GO!

They are bad news for fans of The Hills, Father of the Pride and South Park.

From this Saturday The Hills is replaced with The Nanny and Get Smart from 6pm.

Father of the Pride, South Park and Reno 9/11 are replaced by repeated of Seinfeld -although Reno 9/11 airs at 10:30pm.

Seinfeld lands a 2hr block from 8:30 – 10:30 as a result.

A GO! executive recently told media that the new channel would not be dropping shows from its schedule, but it might switch their airtimes.

At the time some media, including TV Tonight, thought that was a pretty brash claim…


  1. I just want to say that I am really happy that the GO! channel is showing “Get Smart” because I love that show (and the movie) and I look forward to watching it this Saturday.

  2. They don’t seem to realise that by removing and changing things all the time they are losing viewers and that is why other networks get more viewers.

    If the idea is to lose viewers they are heading the right way forward. Seven Two will win if they keep doing these dumb changes.

    I thought South Park rated well … compared to lifestyle.

  3. I though they paid money for South Park and Reno 911, and now it has gone ?

    I liked watching old episodes of South Park.

    Why do they replace newish year 2000 onwards shows with old shows like Get Smart and The Nanny.

    Now I have to watch the lifestyle rubbish on Seven Two.

  4. Look I love Seinfeld, have most of the seasons on DVD, but seriously is this Go’s answer for filling in timeslots now that they have changed the saturday schedule yet again. Looks like it’s back to dvds on a Saturday night. Still have 5 episodes to go on the Season 9 DVD of Seinfeld, I’m taking my time with that.

    I see Seinfeld becoming Nine’s Two and Half a Men solution for Go!

  5. Wow, I mean sure I didn’t watch any of those shows, but if that’s how they’re treating GO shows, then I’m not so confident about the shows I do like sticking around in the future.

  6. Why do they keep messing around with my favorite shows (The Hills and Charlie’s Angels)? Leave them alone!!

    GO! is getting worse than Nine with the sudden progamming changes.

  7. Oh no, I love The Hills although we’re alredy a couple of seasons behind. Any news David whether they’ll appear on a different time slot? BTW, are Go’s programmes also overseen by Michael Healy?

  8. Well that was a shock move. I quite liked watching the odd episode of Father of the Pride and South Park on a Saturday night. I hope its not a permanent move. If anything, i expected Reno 9/11 to go before SP and FotP. As for the Hills, well it has been moved around from Thursdays to Mondays to Saturdays, so it seemed it was likely to be removed at some stage despite having another season or so to go.

    I’m a big fan of Seinfeld, but there seems to be way too much lately. I think having the Frasier/Seinfeld double during weekdays/weeknights is great, but the weekends is just overkill for Seinfeld. Is there really nothing to fill that 2hr spot? How about bringing back SP and FotP? Perhaps put SP at 8:30 so it is the same for both Sat/Sun and FotP at 9:30.

    I sure hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

  9. Oh crap! I had only just discovered The Hills on Saturday nights – it was a good timeslot I thought – you could have it on while you were getting ready to go out. Any word on a new timeslot, if any?

  10. This is really annoying. They have been moving The Hills all over the schedule since this channel started and then now they just drop it. I’m sure The Hills is more youth orientated then Get Smart…. And more Seinfeld?? Quickly becoming GO!’s answer to 2.5 Men!

    Not happy at all

  11. Come on NIne/GO! I thought the point of the 2nd SD was to air other shows we don’t get on FTA and now this happens, but some how I’m not surprised.

    Still yay for more Seinfeld 🙂

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