Gone: The Spearman Experiment

magda (2)No more songs you’d never want on your iPOD or favourite underdogs -well not unless Magda returns in summer (and don’t rule it out).

After being shunted from Tuesdays by The Simpsons, now The Spearman Experiment is being replaced by…. The Simpsons.

Last Friday the show managed 541,000 viewers. The interesting point is The 7PM Project took 487,000 on the same night and it’s staying put. TEN committed to the show for 2010 last week.

The switch for Friday’s line-up is effective immediately with double eps of Homer & co. from 7:30pm.


  1. 7pm is good, and they’ll get the day when they get more than 800,000+ don’t get me wrong,I like the odd New episode of 2.5 men, but people are becoming stupid in watching the 1000000 repeat of one episode

  2. The Spearman Experiment was always doomed to fail, being a clone of the uber-abysmal 20 to 1, a program that is close to unbearable.

    Ten are going to regret keeping The 7PM Project. It is not resonating with viewers and is rarely higher than number 20 in the ratings. Its Friday ratings, in particular, are shameful. I understand their golden child, Rove, is behind it, but unless it is dramatically re-tooled with different hosts and better writing, its just going to flounder.

  3. vinny aka tvaddict0909

    @leon – It is called The Spearman Experiment not The Spearman Project , that sounds like a cross between the 7pm project and the spearman expirement.

    With a great name like that (The Spearman Experiment) I was expecting a game show or something.

  4. Smart move from Ch10 to remove 20 to 1… err i mean The Spearman Project, It’s very easy to get them confused since Spearman Project was an Obvious 20 to 1 clone..

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