Gordon Ramsay to front US MasterChef

gordonThe Australian format adaptation of MasterChef has been picked up by the FOX Network in the US and will be spearheaded by Gordon Ramsay.

Reveille will produce the show, originally based on the UK series, which is said to closely resemble the Australian series. FremantleMedia was given considerable freedom in stripping the series by rights owner Shine, and the results were spectacular.

FOX won’t be stripping the series, however, sticking to around 12 – 15 eps.

Gordon Ramsay, who has appeared in several franchises for FOX, will co-produce and star in the programme. Although he has already fronted Hell’s Kitchen, FOX Executive Mike Darnell said, “Hell’s Kitchen is about finding a head chef that can work in a restaurant. This is about creating the perfect dish, and the contestants can be plucked from anywhere.” Riiiiiight…..

Wonder if TEN could potentially air this one too….?

Earlier this year NBC picked up The Chopping Block but the series failed to sizzle.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Well, like most housewives, we like to watch cooking shows. however, I think that for the hells kitchen, reruns of the restaurant cooties one, it is Chef Ramsey that we tune in to see, fmouth and all. I would love to study with chef ramsey, but am not a professional cook. I am my family and friend’s favorite cook however. I would compete in an ameteur cooking show with chef Ramsey… sign me up Fox.

  2. cooking shows are dime a dozen, the latest one with vince sorrenti is crap, why do they keep thinking thats all we want to watch,i bet you any money tracey grimshaw will be the next person that puts out a cooking show, maybe her mother can be the next greatest cook in the world, god knows she has mentioned her often enough

  3. Neon Kitten: “Masterchef with attitude.”

    I think ‘attitude’ and ‘MasterChef’ shouldn’t go in the same sentence. MC resonated with viewers in Australia because it wasn’t bitchy, and it had endearing and likeable contestants and judges who were real people. Ramsay is just a caricature, and not likeable in the slightest. That said this could work in America seeing as the uber-bitchy Hell’s Kitchen does well for FOX.

  4. tasmanian devil

    Gordon Ramsay must think that people love the idea of him fronting Master Chef, and are going to watch religiously. For the record, I don’t and I’m not.

  5. Im pretty sure ten get 1st pick at this, its a fox show produced by Reveille and has shine and fremantle invoved. As for airing it, it could be a big hit on there second channel, or maybe summer but 2 masterchefs a year is enough and this shouldnt be aired in ratings seasons, unless its a friday night. plus they probably wouldnt be able to air it at 7.30 since Ramsey is involved. As for the US adaption it was only a matter of time but i kind of wish NBC or CBS picked this up and could of used it as a replacement for The Biggest Loser (NBC) or Survivour or The Amazing Race (CBS) when they go on break.

  6. Given that we already have 2 masterchef series per year i’m not sure if there is the need for a third on Ten… I would only air it if it is a genuinely good show. Might be able to find it a spot on their new digital channel though.

  7. Seems like an odd pairing – possibly driven by Fox’s need to find a hit project for Ramsey, the same f-ed up situation permeates TV here as well, where suddlenly Jules Lund is hosting every other show on Nine or various Better Homes people are deployed as narrators on Seven’s reality skeins – real narrow thinking.

    BTW @ Daniel – 51m is more like 1/6th of the US population, but with the fragmentation of their media I wouldn’t expect many non-sporting shows to ever poll that kind of number again.

  8. This is how America do their shows unfortunately. They take an original format like ours than re-tool it. A Simpsons episode shows Homer watching a cop show and Marge says to get outdoors and he does when the network had appeared to Re-tool it. I have to say they could have used a local chef like Wolfgang Puck or Ming Sai. They think putting in Gordon Ramsey is going to win this one. I think many of the Americans wanting to show their cooking style will be easily offended by his rapid temper. He has been known on hell’s kitchen to call girls ‘Cow Pokes’ and men ‘losers’. It’s either FOX can’t help themselves to a slice of Ramsey or they just like making things very dramatic in the US. The way the ratings went for the finale in Australia [4.1m at peak], There where suggestions that if it were Americans watching that would =51m. that’s 1/2 of their overall population. With Ramsey I think the ratings for them will do as good as the Celebrity version is doing here. Also if anything just keep it on Pay TV here! Us Australians are so up to our knees with him. The way he treated the Nine staff in Melbourne was just no laughing matter. I gotta say he will end up on TEN, but they might re-tool the ad so it doesn’t feature him, in order to snatch viewers. If so FOX and TEN are not the Master networks!

  9. @err, pretty much everyone: Those who’ve watched Ramsay’s shows will know that the image he has as a foul-mouthed ogre is part passion, part act, and only one half of who he is.

    His US shows have been performance pieces to a large extent – though several of his Kitchen Nightmares episodes there were surprisingly sweet and honest – but pigeonholing Ramsay as a foul-mouthed boorish pig, as the majority seem to do, is patently unfair. Look at the video on YouTube of Nine’s Today Show hosts baiting, poking, prodding and in the end trying baseless tablod rumour to get him riled. The video is called “Ramsay Vs Today”. Ramsay wins because he’s the only one present who’s not a wanker.

    The man has more personality and passion than a whole crateload of Jamie “earnest” Olivers or Matt “a cravat and that’s that” Prestons.

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