Gyngell talks up 2010

david gyngellA defensive Nine CEO has brushed aside criticism that the network is lagging behind Seven and TEN with its programming plans for 2010.

“They haven’t seen us yet,” David Gyngell told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I am very confident about Nine for next year. I’m more confident about Nine [in 2010] than the last two years and I’m looking forward to telling the market about that at the end of the month. Seven is going to come off next year, TEN is going to come off, and we will go up.”

Yes it’s spin time of year.

Top Gear will be the best show on any commercial network next year, no one will argue [with] that,” he said.

“Our underlying message is we are very, very confident. Just watch.”

Amongst Nine’s goodies are the Winter Olympics, Underbelly 3, Hey Hey specials, Top Gear and V -which just debuted to an impressive 14m viewers in the US. It also has more Sea Patrol, Rescue: Special Ops and The Story of Maria Korp. Another drama series is in pre-production.

But media buyers are more sceptical.

Henry Tajer, chief executive of Universal McCann said, “Nine needs a strong mothership. That’s what I’m looking for. On what I’ve seen so far, Seven and TEN should have a good year. Nine will be last to market so they really do have to make it count. They will be judged very quickly.”

One Nine source yesterday told TV Tonight it was on track to win 18-49 and 25-54 demos this year, adding: “Seven is skewing older each year. The over 55’s give Seven its volume in Total People numbers, but they’re not worth a minty wrapper for revenue-generation and advertisers and media buyers. 95% of the total TV ad spend occurs in the three demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.”



  1. So Nein thinks out bidding SBS for Top Gear is on to a winner?
    ABC viewers/listeners and to a lesser extent SBS are very loyal to these organizations.
    If the local version of Top Gear is sponsored by car/accessory companies, it’s compromised it’s integrity.

  2. People forget,what 9 have done very successfully with GO (that they should’ve done 4 or 5 years ago, so they could’ve also offered Smallville, Deadwood, One Tree Hill, True Blood, Damages and Entourage on it) is way more successful
    (in both ratings and future ad revenue), than Ten’s OneHD, that should’ve always been a SD channel. Where Nine are weak is in their reality TV. They were offered Aus MasterChef and knocked it back.

  3. “95% of the total TV ad spend occurs in the three demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.”
    Says it all about the relevance of total people ratings.
    Total audience is meaningless for the networks. Its all about the demos.

  4. tasmanian devil

    I wonder if David Gyngell meant Top Gear would be the best show in terms of quality or ratings? Because if he meant ratings, I struggle to believe it. It appeals to a niche audience, not something that is everyone’s cup of tea. And I don’t think that its move to Nine will help either, i.e. I find it hard to imagine people thinking, ‘Well it must be worth watching, if it achieved a move to such a “magnificent” network as Nine’

  5. I don’t think Top Gear on Nine will rate much better than it does on SBS. V will most likely go down the route of Flashforward – big debut then big drop off and Underbelly will be top show for the weeks it runs over. Hey Hey will do OK but not the 2+ million we saw for the two specials this year. And if they do want it to last, stick to two hours, not 3 or more hours.

    But as others have siad here, Nine don’t have thay much and they will struggle against Seven – especially now we have 7TWO. Can’t see Nine being number 1 next year.

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