Idol: Final 2

f2Stan Walker and Hayley Warner will compete head to head in the 2009 Australian Idol Grand Final.

The two became finalists when James Johnston was voted off the show in the penultimate episode. It followed the young singer’s lifeline when Toby Moulton stepped down two weeks ago.

Hayley Warner is the first female to compete for the title in two years. Walker and Warner tonight unveiled their potential debut singles should they win the contest and be signed by Sony BMG.

Stan Walker’s song is “Black Box.” Hayley’s is “Good Day.” Dicko liked the song so much he said he would have to get his daughter to teach him how to download the sing.

This year’s Idol has been notable for the final 4 being drawn from the show’s youngest contestants.

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  1. Britney Spears fan

    why oh let me guess cs it will be big new and everything ok i think i wont come on till after its ended i have heard u have had a few issues with spoilers on this website?

  2. Stan anoys me there is just somthing about him that is just ARHH!!! You can tell he knew he was going to be in the final 2 ,he thinks he king sh#t all together to be honest and his accent anoys me (but thats just me haha)!

    Hayley is way more down to earth and real but I hope she dosn’t win cause usually the person that comes 2nd ends up better off then the winner haha

  3. Having just done my usual cut-the-crap PVR-powered ad-and-filler-skipping view of the show, the one thing that stood out like a neon sign to me was the quality of the song chosen for Stan versus Hayley’s.

    “Black Box” is instantly catchy. Great radio song. Shades of soul, but pop enough to appeal to “the kids”. I can still remember the chorus now, which is more than I can say for Hayley’s song, which I can’t even remember the title of, let alone the tune – all that stayed with me as far as that one goes was “oh, great, Yet Another Veronicas / Kelly Clarkson generic”.

    However Hayley looks like she’s being groomed to win. JD and Dicko made that quite clear with their comments.

  4. Britney Spears fan

    yay i like it like this better were u have to click on it to find out who it is then if u dont wont to know u dont have to click keep it like that david thanks for all your great work

  5. sms hayley to 191010

    seriously, stan has a good voice…. thats it. i thnk hayley can accomplish the staying power in the industry. she has a look, a sound that sticks to the music of today. stan can succeed too though, just not in the way the industry would want him too.

  6. i watched tonight and i was pretty impressed with the 2 singles that they have, plus im happy with the final 2. I would expect a figure around 1.3-1.4m for the finale, anything higher would be massive for ten!

  7. Why do people who don’t even watch the show bother commenting on it? The judges never criticise the performers when it gets down to their final performances before the finale, so it’s no surprise that the praise was universal tonight (although at least it was deserved, on the whole). Several US performers have commented on Stan and I think it’s pretty clear that he’s going to do fairly well out of the Idol experience. Hayley will struggle to gain a foothold, but she’s only 17 and she could be lucky and carve out a career for herself in a couple of years’ time like Jessica Mauboy has done. Stan’s versatility will help him to endure. He certainly won’t end up like Natalie Gauci, who was dropped by Sony without ever having released an album of original material – the only Idol winner to ever have that happen to them (their treatment of her was woeful). In short, Stan will win and Hayley will be the runner up. Hayley knows that, although Stan probably won’t believe it until it happens.

  8. @ Damo. NO!

    What sucks is that the Skyshow has been brought back this year in Adelaide, but it’s gonna be part of the Clipsal 500, tied in with the Saturday night concert, and the bloody idols are performing. No one cares about the idols, and Clipsal is not the market for Idols. Gonna suck real bad. Wes Carr, Jessica Mauboy, Tom Williams (the 16 yr old who’s done nothing since idol), and this year’s winner will perform for a bunch of revheads before a firworks display. Massive fail by Clipsal 500 organisers and SAFM and Skyshow organisers.

  9. First time I watched Idol in 5 years. It was terrible. Judges were boring and way too “nice”, there was no constructive criticism at all. Hayley was cute but her voice is deep and very off-putting, Stan had the one decent performance of the night with that Beyonce song (which was a surprise as I was expecting him to choke) and the crowd was almost as bad as the laugh track on 2.5 men, with the hysterical, over-eager, drug-induced squeals and wails. I burst out laughing when the camera cut to the 12 year old girls dancing in the middle of the song, it says it all, really.

  10. Hayleys Single is great. Hope she wins – Tonights show was brilliant. I dont care what anyone really says on this forum; all the performances were great! Certainly didnt feel like 2 hours watching it. I was thoroughly entertained.

    And no, reception was fine in Melbourne Brett.

  11. Ive never heard such negative shrewds in my life. Geez. Azmond and Mark. Its pretty sad that your spending your Sunday evening degrading others. Its a tad pathetic .

  12. lol @ Mark

    Stan is dull? One of the best talents to come off the show, If not the best.

    That poor kid, whom you adore so much could barely fit a grape in his mouth and should have gone 2 weeks ago buddy!

    You can’t cheat losing twice.

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