James Tobin joins StarPics

jamestobinUpdated: Movie Networks launches is new channels on November 15th with the arrival of Movie One HD,  StarPics, Starpics 1 HD, Starpics 2 HD and FMC (Family Movie Channel).

James Tobin, Lizzy Lovette, Sal Morgan will be channel personalities for Star Pics.

Penne Dennison, Alicia Malone and Renee Brack will be presenters on the Family Movie Channel.

Tobin and Lovette will both present Movie Star Bios Movie Star Bios interstitials that dissects a star’s career both on and off screen.

Malone and Morgan will present Premiere interstitials which wrap up of the weeks gossip and entertainment news from red carpet events.

The new genre channels follow research by Movie Extra Channels about viewer tastes and desires.

StarPics’ schedule and title selection will be based around Hollywood stars rather than by era or genre. Schedules will feature film doubles of a particular ‘star.’ The channel will include supporting bios, retrospectives and news on each star’s next projects.

Research indicated viewers’ selection process in a guidestarted when they looked for a star they liked. Then they checked whether it is a movie they liked.

The channel has been built on a fairly high proportion of modern movies, with movies that were big box office successes with popular stars.

Meanwhile, FMC will have blocks of programs that target all family members. Programs will be classified G, PG and light M. Every night it promises a film for all the family at 7pm.

FMC will recognise different times of day require different types of movies. Its research indicated that families have different viewing needs while ‘non families’ asked to see some relevance to themselves.

The idea of a G / PG / light M option is to provide a wholesome alternative to a TV diet of violence/sex/action.

While 7pm, 7 nights a week becomes family movie time, Saturday nights will offer a premiere film such as Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Bedtime Stories, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Picture This. DINKS / older people are also expected to comprise part of the viewing audience.

The 7pm Family Movie is seen as potentially the flagship for the channel.

Download: Movie One, Movie Extra, Movie Greats, Movie Comedy, Movie Drama and Movie Action will offer selections via Foxtel Download.

The new channels launch on November 15.

224 Movie One HD
411 Movie One
412 Movie Two
413 FMC
417 Movie Extra previously 413
419 Movie Greats previously 415


  1. Well done James. It seems he certainly is getting a bigger profile. First Weekend news weather presenter and now this. I just hope it’s not going to effect his role with Eclipse Music TV, as I look forward to the show each Saturday as I go to the gym and workout while watching it.

  2. To be honest, I prefer the way Movie Network is doing their HD channels, as it allows them a to show a wider selection of the currently screening movies across the network in HD, compared to Showtime where only the premieres, Action films, and the few films they show on Showcase get HD.

  3. Ummm… I thought it was Showtime that were introducing the themed channels…

    Isn’t Movie Network just adding Starpics 1 and FMC to SD, and Strapics 1, Starpics 2 and Movie One to HD???

    I think you’ll find that Movie Comedy / Action / Drama are ‘download’ only options – not actual channels.

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