Jordin Sparks for Idol finale

American Idol's Jordin Sparks joins Michael Buble and Mika at Australian Idol's finale. And yes it's outdoors again.

jordinsparksJordin Sparks, winner of American Idol 2007, will join Michael Buble and Mika in the Australian Idol finale this month.

The finale is once again taking place on the steps of the Opera House, as it did last year. After last year’s soaking from the rain, this year it plans to have a wet weather contingency plan (wouldn’t the inside of the Concert Hall be a better contingency plan?). Apparently producers like the rock-concert feel to the outdoors.

Also appearing are last year’s winner Wes Carr, and the original Idol, Guy Sebastian -which should put to rest those suggestions he suppsoedly ‘slammed’ the show.

The two hour event will air on November 22nd, preceded by a Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation xmas special at 6:30pm.

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  1. I just don’t understand why people Always say such horrible things about Jordin Sparks? Her singing by far is very good compared to so many top Pop singers. She sings very well in tune and can sing Live. The girl has 4 Hit Platinum selling singles in a row and still people slam her? Well, I love Jordin Sparks is only 19 and can hold her own as a Pop artist. You go girl!

  2. last year the whole outdoor concert was a big fail.
    for 5 years they did the finale both outdoor and indoor, and it worked fine.

    lets hope it works this year. like no rain would be nice. lol

  3. Todd, I can understand your opinion, and in a sense you are right – the talent of her American Idol season was great (for example, Melinda Doolittle), however, Jordin has proven herself. She’s an international seller, and she has had 6 worldwide platinum hits since 2007. Plus, she’s the 3rd most successful American Idol winner (behind Kelly and Carrie), so she must be “something special” to have such success.

  4. Obviously it’s far cheaper to produce the finale oudoors rather than go to the extra costs of hiring the Concert Hall – who can blame TEN, the series isn’t worth the effort anyway.

  5. Idol Concert should start at 6:30pm Sunday. It always runs overtime and they don’t announce the winner until 10pm usually or later. Soooo let’s make it an hour earlier for the concert at 6:30pm, ….Winner Announced at 8.30, Finished by 9!

    TBYG 7.30 Tuesday

    Masterchef finale Wed/Thur

  6. What an extraordinary decision by TEN to air the TBYG Xmas Special at 6:30 Sunday instead of 7:30 Tuesday, where it performed so extraordinarily. If they were firing on all cylinders and could afford to take the risk, I’d understand. But they’re not. Not even remotely. Why tempt fate?!

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