Lib Leadership battle on ABC

mb_turnbullIf you’re interested in Aussie politics, ABC is the place to be tomorrow morning.

6-9am (AEDT) On ABC2 – News Breakfast special edition
Insider’s presenter Barrie Cassidy is in Canberra and joins the ABC News Breakfast team for full coverage as Liberal MPs arrive at Parliament House for the leadership vote.

9am (AEDT)
On ABC1 – ABC News Special: Liberal Leadership Challenge
For the best live television coverage and analysis of the Liberal Leadership challenge, Barrie Cassidy will host this ABC News Special from Parliament House from 9am (AEDT).

He’ll be joined by ABC Online’s new Chief Political Writer Annabel Crabb, ABC TV’s Chief Political Correspondent
Mark Simkin, The 7.30 Report’s Political Editor Chris Uhlmann and the ABC’s Election Analyst Antony Green for
analysis and insight throughout the morning.


  1. ABC breakfast is a great morning news show, I’m glad they are giving the leadership spill the coverage it deserves and not just snippets between Hollywood gossip on sunrise and today …

  2. ABC might be the place to be, but ABC2 Breakfast is still on a one hour delay in Brisbane, as is Sunrise, Today and Ten News (as of 6am AEST). Guess it is okay for Brisbane to find out one hour later than the rest of the East Coast.

    Interestingly, ABC1 showed last Thursday’s 1pm special live into Brisbane (at midday).

    Ben: Given that the three commercial networks show news / morning shows all morning (except for two hours on ten), it is important that those people that haven’t moved to freeview have a choice for kids.

  3. As an alternative, Sky News is reporting all day on the spill, and on Seven News they said Sunrise was being extended for coverage – although The Morning Show will probably take over eventually.

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