Line of the Week: Rosso

When Dicko asked Rosso about leaving a comfy radio gig on The 7PM Project, he got an answer he didn't expect...

trTim Ross gets the Line of the Week after answering a question from Dicko tonight on The 7PM Project.

Dicko was asking Rosso about his decision to leave Nova breakfast.

Dicko: “Rosso, I’m a big believer that every ‘ding’ is followed by a ‘dong.’ Have you had that moment yet where you’ve gone, ‘What have I done? That was a really well paid gig?'”

Rosso: “No, no. ‘Cos I’ve never done My Restaurant Rules 2 , Dicko.”


Dicko of course, left Australian Idol to host the reality cooking show for Seven, followed by Celebrity Survivor before eventually returning to Idol.

For the record, Rosso says he will still continue television work with Merrick Watts.

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  1. Never been a fan of Merrick & Rosso together but separately I love them – Rosso was pure gold (& very cute) on the 7pm project & I loved Merrick in the The Hollowmen. Maybe I just don’t get their brand of humour when they are together. Happened with Seinfeld – when I first started watching the show I didn’t get the humour but once I ‘got it’ I really ‘got it’ & have loved Seinfeld ever since. So who knows maybe I will become a fan of Merrick & Rosso one day.
    Anyway wish Rosso the very best with whatever he does – good luck to him.

  2. Yay Rosso, love ya – can’t wait to see what he’s got going on… I was a JJJ supported, moved with them to Nova, and since I’ve moved out of Sydney I have missed Merrick & Rosso in the mornings.

  3. Unplanned was a good show (why the hell did Nine not stick with it) the B Team was just dross and it’s telling that the more polished Ronnie Johns got renewed and they didn’t. Their comedy channel show isn’t that good either – I’m not sure what a good TV vehicle for them would be.

    As for their Radio career, maybe they’re quitting to get back some of their national profile, people carry on about Sydney radio like it’s the centre of the universe but once you go to one market you do lose a lot of your audience (Nova does play a highlight reel on Saturday mornings which is standard industry practice I guess)

    I genuinely wonder if Merrick & Rosso are more popular nowadays than they were in their JJJ days?

    Having said that the remark about My Restaurant Rules = WIN!

  4. I saw the interview and thought the entire thing was hilarious.
    I think he’s made the right decision as he hasn’t been that funny on radio in ages. He’s just seemed a bit tired and over it.
    Yet on the 7pm Project he was firing! It was good to see. Maybe he can join their panel next year?

  5. “Of course, My Restaraunt Rules was far more watchable than anything Rosso has ever done on TV”.

    I respectfully disagree. The boys have performed and created some beautiful quality moments including the Merrick and Rosso show, Unplanned, The B Team, ARIA awards. This as well as the 3 hours, every day that they create comedy on the radio – which they managed to do without being rude, racist, sexist, belittling or harrassing (take note,, breakfast presenters – no name, no pack drill, but take notice, breakfast presenters). They created great comedy together. For me, Merrick and Rosso (and more recently, Kate) have been a huge part of my life. I still, to this day, remember listening to Merrick and Rosso after the September 11 attacks, making it so personal I actually wrote to them to thank them for what they did – they really, truly helped their listeners – Merrick or Rosso would say things like “I’m feeling really angry today that there is so much hatred in the word”, or “I sat watching the news and cried”. I met Tom Williams in the early day, and still have the t-shirt he gave me. I got to play “Show Quizness’ and won a Playstation 3 over a year ago. In recent months, I have had major medical issues. When I was in hospital or back home and in bed, they were such an important part of my recovery – letting me laugh again. I’m really going to miss Rosso – I really hope they find somebody amazing to appear with Merrick – Judith Lucy would be Perfect Nova if you are listening!!!

    Good luck Rosso – we’ll miss your quick wit, your humour, your kindnes, and you consistency – your voice helps me get to work everyday.

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