Malcolm in the Middle on TEN

malcolm-in-the-middleNeighbours will be replaced over summer by reruns of Malcolm in the Middle.

TEN will begin the series from the Pilot episode.

Malcolm introduces us to his world, dominated by omnipresent schoolyard bully Spath and made worse by his enforced friendship with Stevie, an asthmatic wheelchair genius.

It begins 6:30pm Monday December 7th.


  1. Why?? on Earth would you take off ‘Malcom in the middle’. One Stupid freakin move channel Ten! How many more stupid decisions do the viewers have to put up with?

  2. Reese Fan(Avatarno1fan)

    y is it off air??? thats just not fair. although, it does say life is unfair, but, its unthinkable to take this awesomely awesome show off air. Put it bak on 10 at6PM! please, me and my friends club (mitmc) r really disapionted that its off air. Channel 10, im asking you, person to person/s please, Please put Malcolm in the Middle bak on at 6pm.

  3. Pfft. Old!! Get this off our TV, Channel TEN! They have even replaced The Simpsons at 6:00pm with this old, boring show. Guess I’ll be watching someting else! >:|

  4. malcom in the middle is my fave show and i think the should replace the 7pm project 4 it i hope is stays on insted of neighbors 4 the whole year!!:)

  5. This is a good decision, though I would hope that at some stage we could have some 70s and 80s sitcoms reappear on FTA (or hell even pay TV – 111Hits is currently the only net playing good 80s shows! and no-one plays the 70s)

  6. It should rate well but why an old comedy to fill the Neighbours timeslot for the summer why not some of those unseen in Australia US teen dramas or maybe bringing back 90210.

  7. At least they are not doing the same mistake as last year and filling the gap with Bold and the Beautiful over the summer.
    Anyone here remember all those complaints Channel 10 got mostly from Simpsons Fans and People with Young Children.Obviously they didn’t learn anything from the Echo Point Days of the Nineties that Soaps and 6pm timeslots are two things that don’t go together.

  8. Woohoo awesome news. I love Malcolm in the Middle. Thank you channel ten for an early xmas present. I was hoping GO might play Malcolm there seeing how it was on the 9 network first.

    Justin, 9 did finsh the series, it was axed in the states.

  9. This will be great if they play the entire thing from go to whoa, including unaired episodes and series. (but will they resist the temptation to dick with things, like 9 do?)

    Anything is a pleasant break from reality shows, dancing shows, cooking shows and CSI type spinoffs. As for the 7pm Project, good lord, let it die, it’s painful to behold.

  10. When you look at it there are hardly any old shows that are shown on the network that actually first aired them. Let see, Ten now has Dharma & Greg & Will & Grace & MacGiver (previously 7), Malcome & Freinds (prev 9). Seven has MASH and Magnum, which was previously 10 and Murder She Wrote ( prev 9 ). Nearly all of Nines clasic shows on GO! were from 7 or 10 ( with the exception of Scooby Doo, Josie & the Pussycats & Charlies Angels that were originally on nine ). Nine also has Gilligans Island ( prev 10 ). Looks like tradition has gone out the window on tv, just like etticet. Only other exeptions are Golden Girls ( always 7 ) and Skippy ( always 9 ).

  11. Excellent news, hopefully we will see all the episodes shown in widescreen, and finally get to see the final season.

    Nine’s rights to Malcolm in the Middle expired, before their Go! channel even started. Nine only showed seasons 1 – 6 in the past, the final season was never shown. Season 6 was actually shown in widescreen, with infrequent episodes on Saturdays, around midday.

  12. @cpandilo: Malcolm in the Middle was produced by Regency and Fox Television Studios (a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox). Ten probably got the rights to Malcolm via its output deal with 20th Century Fox, as Nine held the initial rights to Regency (Consolidated Media, which owned Nine at the time, was the biggest shareholder in Regency).

  13. @Ryano – I agree, and hopefully Ten would put the shows on at a decent time… not just before midnight. Maybe this could be stuff for their new channel.

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